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Innovation to Meet the Needs of Evolving Cancer Hallmarks

Your aim may be to investigate cancer’s genetic origins, establish the mechanism of action or clinical implications of tumor biomarkers, or develop a targeted pharmaceutical or cellular therapy. At Enzo, our aim is to support yours. As cancer hallmarks have evolved over the last decade, so has our portfolio of tools to support cancer research. Over this time, we have called upon our diverse scientific and technical expertise to create innovative assays and reagents in the fields of epigenetics, autophagy, and Wnt research. These novel tools, and a broad portfolio of products established for decades in peer-reviewed literature, will help support cancer discovery into the next decade, and beyond. We are continually focused on enabling a future with more hope, more collaboration, more discovery, and less disease.


Progress Begins With Research

Enzo is Engaged Against Cancer on Multiple Levels

Every year, Enzo sponsors the Walk for Beauty, organized by The Melville Heritage Organization.
All proceeds go to breast cancer research at Stony Brook Medicine. We're proud to support this initiative and can't wait for the 2021 Walk for Beauty!

As scientists enabling Healthcare, we are committed to providing a wide range of research tools to help reduce the global impact of cancer. Whether you investigate the genetic origins of cancer, study its underlying mechanism of action, or the role of tumor biomarkers and their implications in clinical diagnostics, Enzo is here to support your research.

Discover the next cancer breakthrough…

  • Modulate with high-purity small molecules & active proteins
  • Label with proprietary DNA & RNA amplification & labeling technologies
  • Detect with sensitive, widely-published biomarker ELISAs, antibodies & cell-based assays

Wnt Pathway Analysis


Cell Cycle Analysis

Monitor Adipokine &
Insulin Signaling

Oxidative Stress & DNA Damage
Quantify Critical Markers of Cellular Stress

Programmed Cell Death
Monitor Cell Fate & Quantify
Mediators of Death Pathways

Tumor Immunology
Define Innate & Adaptive
Anti-tumor Responses

Tumor Invasion & Angiogenesis
Detect and Screen Key Biomarkers
of Metastatic Potential

Oncogenic Signaling
Monitor Pro-growth Signals from Cell
Surface to Nucleus

Toxicity & Chemoresistance
Characterize Novel &
Repurposed Therapeutics

Gene Expression & Copy Number
Reveal Genomic Changes with High-fidelity
Nucleic Acid Labeling

Epigenetic Regulation
Flexible Formats for HDAC
& Sirtuin Screening


Fighting Cancer with the Immune System

Immuno-oncology, also known as cancer immunotherapy, refers to the use of a person’s own immune system for the treatment of cancer. Research in the field includes:

  • Targeting immune tolerance via co-inhibitory immune checkpoints
  • Enhancing immune responses by costimulatory checkpoint pathways
At Enzo, our diverse scientific and technical expertise has helped us create innovative assays and reagents to help support cancer immunotherapy. We offer a complete set of solutions for Immuno-oncology research including antibodies, ELISA kits and recombinant proteins.


Cancer Inhibitor Screening

Enzo Life Sciences offers the SCREEN-WELL® Cancer Library, a collection of 275 compounds that can be used for screening and assay development. The library contains a small molecule inhibitors that affect mTOR, aurora kinases, tyrosine kinases, PI3K, and HDAC, as well as many other structurally and mechanically different compound classes. The SCREEN-WELL® Cancer Library is an essential tool for drug development and cancer inhibitor screening.


Akt Pathway Discovery

From Target Selection to Lead Profiling

Akt/PKB has emerged as a central player in the signal transduction pathways activated in response to growth factors or insulin. It is thought to contribute to several cellular functions including cell growth, transcriptional regulation, cell survival and nutrient metabolism. It has been linked to a range of diseases including cancer and type II diabetes.

The Akt/PKB pathway is a popular target since it sits at the crossroads of both oncogenic and tumor suppressor signaling pathways. Enzo provides novel tools to help support cancer discovery from target selection, hit-to-lead discovery, and lead profiling.


Serine Proteases and Cancer

Novel Serine Protease Cancer Biomarker Products

Enzo Life Sciences offers more than 40 unique serine protease related products specifically related to cancer biomarker discovery, with emphasis on key family members identified as markers of early stage ovarian, breast, prostate and lung cancer.

  • High-sensitivity, easy-to use and rapid ELISA kits
  • Ready-to-user proteins for use as ELISA or Western blot standards
  • Exclusive antibodies created against native proteins


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