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Stem Cells

Integrated Solutions for Stem Cell Discovery

  • Modulate Stem Cell Fate with Small Molecules & Proteins

  • Gene Expression Analysis
  • Wnt Pathway Analysis
  • Epigenetics
  • Live Cell Analysis
  • Worry-free Antibodies

Integrated Solutions for Stem Cell Discovery

Regardless of the specific path your stem cell research takes, Enzo provides innovative tools to help you realize its full potential. Pluripotent stem cells are a renewable source of replacement cells which have the potential to repair damaged tissues or treat degenerative diseases without invoking immune rejection. With this, they hold the potential for treating a myriad of disease pathologies including cancer, diabetes, hematological disorders, cardiovascular, inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. Unlocking the cellular mechanisms that regulate self-renewal, reprogramming and differentiation holds promise for new cellular therapies, regenerative medicine, and improving model systems to assess drug efficacy and toxicity.

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Stem Cells


Modulate Stem Cell Fate with Small Molecules & Proteins

Stem cell self-renewal and differentiation involves complex events which lead to the generation of various phenotypes. Enzo offers an extensive collection of small molecules and proteins such as growth factors and cytokines that can be used to influence differentiation, biochemical activity, and cell growth.

Small Molecules

  • Differentiation
  • Proliferation & Self-Renewal
  • Re-programming
  • Compound Libraries


  • Growth Factors
  • Cytokines/Chemokines
  • Stem Cell Markers



Gene Expression Analysis

Maximize Genomic Data with Minimal Sample Input

Wnt Pathway Analysis

Discover Wnt Pathway Modulators Affecting Stem Cell Development


Robust Epigenetic Screening Assays for Stem Cell Regulators


Live Cell Analysis

Multiplex Analysis of Cell Fate and Differentiation by Flow Cytometry

Worry-free Antibodies

Antibodies for Identification of Stem Cell Populations


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