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Solutions for Wnt Pathway Screening

High-throughput Assays for Canonical Wnt Pathway Analysis

  • LEADING LIGHT™ Wnt Reporter Assay
  • SCREEN-WELL® Wnt Pathway Library

  • Sensitive Wnt Pathway ELISA Kits
  • Highly Characterized Wnt Related Proteins
    & Antibodies

HTS Assays for Canonical Wnt Pathway Analysis

Since the discovery of the Wnt gene over 30 years ago as the Int1 proto-oncogene involved in the pathology of Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus (MMTV), Wnt expression and signal transduction have been identified as critical components in regulating embryogenesis, cell proliferation, and bone, glucose, and lipid metabolism. Perturbations in Wnt expression, surface receptors, signaling partners (including β-catenin and GSK-3β), and the battery of Wnt-regulated genes (collectively the canonical Wnt pathway) are known to manifest in a variety of clinically relevant disease states, including cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurodegeneration.

The concept of turning Wnt signaling down or up, like the dial of a thermostat, to compensate for signaling anomalies is an attractive approach for development of therapeutics. The design and implementation of such therapeutics must be carefully rationalized to identify drugs and regimens that deliver the desired activation or inhibition of Wnt signaling without triggering undesirable side-effects associated with tuning the pathway past a point of normal physiology.


Screen Wnt Pathway Activators & Inhibitors

Development of Wnt pathway modulating drugs requires the ability to rapidly screen the effect of novel or repurposed compounds and biological therapeutics on the expression of Wnt-regulated genes, and confirmation of such effects by related changes in key signaling components. Together, the LEADING LIGHT™ Wnt Reporter Assay, LEADING LIGHT™ Sclerostin-LRP Screening System and SCREEN-WELL® Wnt Pathway Library facilitate high-throughput analysis of Wnt-related signaling.


Reliable, All-inclusive Screening of Wnt Pathway Modulators

The LEADING LIGHT™ Wnt Reporter Assay Starter Kit is a high-sensitivity, luciferase-based assay for the analysis of canonical Wnt signaling. The assay uses a 3T3 mouse fibroblast cell line modified with a luciferase reporter gene under the control of Wnt-responsive promoters (TCF/LEF). The chemiluminescent readout is amenable to both 96-well and 384-well plate formats, facilitating high-throughput analysis of Wnt pathway activators and inhibitors.

Novel Cell-free Sclerostin/LRP Binding Assay Ideal for Primary Inhibitor Screens

Enzo Life Sciences continues to expand its portfolio of Wnt Pathway assays with the NEW LEADING LIGHT™ Sclerostin-LRP Screening System. This simple, rapid biochemical binding assay format does not require cell lines or transfection reagents, making it a convenient platform for initial screening of inhibitors of the Wnt antagonist Sclerostin.

Wnt Pathway Compound Library

The SCREEN-WELL® Wnt Pathway Library offers a convenient solution for benchmarking compounds against a collection of 71 known Wnt modulators. The library is available in 100uL and 500uL formats (dissolved in DMSO) for use as a companion to the LEADING LIGHT™ Wnt Reporter Assay, or individually as a general screening tool for chemical genomics or Wnt assay.


Quantify Critical Wnt Pathway Proteins

Sensitive Wnt Pathway ELISA Kits

Obtain fully quantitative data with immunometric detection of β-Catenin, total and phosphorylated GSK-3β, and DKK-1 in human, mouse and rat samples.

  • Sensitive assays measure picogram levels compared to microgram levels in Western blot
  • Suitable for cell lysates, culture supernates, plasma, or serum sample types
  • High throughput format allows analysis of 40 samples in duplicate in less than 3 hours
  • Simple protocols and liquid color-coded reagents save time and reduce error

Highly Characterized Wnt Related Proteins & Antibodies

Enzo offers a wide selection of high-quality reagents for analysis of Wnt related signal transduction, including purified proteins and thoroughly validated monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.


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