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Cellular Analysis

Visualize Cellular Responses

Comprehensive Solutions for Cellular Analysis

Enzo solutions for cellular analysis enable investigation of basic cell biology, its relation to disease pathology, and the development of novel small molecule, biotherapeutic, and cell based therapies. Built upon our diverse scientific expertise and technology platforms, we support cellular analysis on the genomic, protein, small molecule and whole cell level.

Anchoring our cell analysis platform is our CELLESTIAL® portfolio of fluorescent probes and assay kits for cellular analysis, providing a complete set of tools for monitoring cell viability, proliferation, death, oxidative stress, and ADME/Tox by flow cytometry, microscopy, and microplate platforms.

More than 300 ELISA, detection, and activity assay kits and over 3,000 highly characterized antibodies support further dissection of cell death, developmental, cell stress, and signal transduction pathways, with custom formulation and bulk production available to fit your specific needs.

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Choose the dye for your application

Comprehensive Solutions for Cell Death

Comprehensive Solutions for Autophagy

Autophagic activity is critical to the maintenance of cellular homeostasis and energy balance. Although typically low under basal conditions, autophagy can be markedly upregulated by a variety of physiological stimuli such as nutrient starvation, hypoxia, endoplasmic reticulum stress, as well as immune and hormonal stimulation. With our innovative assays and reagents, Enzo enables scientists to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits, and potential consequences, of altering autophagic activity.


Immunoassay Kits
Sensitive ELISA kits for measuring autophagy biomarkers NBR1 and p62.

Library and Small Molecules
Wide selection of small molecule activators and inhibitors of autophagy, including our curated Autophagy Compound Library.

CELLESTIAL® Live Cell Analysis Kits
Robust live cell analysis kits for quantitative detection of autophagy, aggresomes, lysosomal perturbations, and more.


Comprehensive Solutions for Apoptosis

Apoptosis (PCD Type 1) is the most-well characterized, being recognized as a critical regulator of development, immunity, as well as organ and tissue homeostasis. Apoptotic cells die in a controlled fashion in response to a variety of extrinsic or intrinsic signals (e.g., activation of TNF receptors, DNA damage, mitochondrial pathways). With over 2000 products for the analysis of cell death, Enzo enables detection of phenotypic hallmarks of apoptotic cell death.


Detect Hallmarks Of Apoptosis
Wide range of products for the study of Membrane Display Of Phosphatidylserine, Chromatin Condensation, DNA Damage.

Modulate & Screen Caspase Activity
High-purity inhibitors, active enzymes, antibodies and flexible activity assays for complete analysis of caspase cascades. Including Caspase Activity Assays & Active Enzymes, Ready-to-Use Caspase Inhibitors & Antibody-Based Detection of Cleaved Caspases.


Extrinsic Signaling Through Death Receptors
Superior performance from carefully engineered TNF Superfamily Ligands. Discover the power of oligomerized domains in Enzo Enhanced Ligands.

Mitochondrial Perturbations & Intrinsic Activation
High-Throughtput Assays for Mitochondrial Function. A real-time mitochondrial membrane potential assay with superior sensitivity.


Comprehensive Solutions for Cytotoxicity

Cytotoxicity, or the quality of being toxic to cells, is a cellular regulator which can result in a variety of cell fates. Most often, it results in a variety of types of cell death – including necrosis, where the cell dies as a result of cell lysis; apoptosis, a form of programmed cell death; or other fates. Enzo provides a variety of assays to quantify cytotoxicity in cells, including an LDH Cytotoxicity WST Assay and Cell Counting Kit 8.


Get the Complete Picture of Cell Health
Examine proliferation and toxicity with our Cell Counting Kit-8 and the LDH Cytotoxicity WST Assay – measure dehydrogenase activity in viable cells and damaged cells simultaneously.

Measure Membrane Potential
Study fluctuations in mitochondrial membrane potential, using a cationic dual emission dye with our unique HTS Assay.

C. difficile Toxic Proteins
High-purity toxins with minimal lot-to-lot variation, ensuring consistency in your experiments.


CELLESTIAL® Live Cell Analysis Dyes

Illuminating your Results

A distinctive combination of reagents comprised of exceptional fluorescent molecular probes including CELLESTIAL® dyes for live, fixed and permeabilized cells. Products for drug discovery and research, in dynamic intracellular analysis with high spatial and temporal resolution for target, pathway and cell signaling analysis, reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species (ROS/RNS) detection, apoptosis and cell viability, and organelle functional dynamics.


CELLESTIAL® Cellular Analysis
High-specificity, next-generation fluorescent dyes for visualizing cellular responses.

Gold Standard Dyes
Conventional fluorescent dyes for organelle detection & function including Ion Detection, Cellular Staining, Cell Viability, Reactive Dyes and Stains


Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry allows researchers to measure several physical characteristics of cells including its shape, size, and internal complexity. It has long been used in cell counting and cell sorting but more recently, researchers have been using flow cytometry in a broad range of applications including: biomarker detection, cell signaling, pathway screening, protein engineering, and systems biology. Flow cytometry is inherently a robust technique that adapts easily to basic research, drug development, and diagnostics.

Enzo Life Sciences offers a variety of flow cytometry-based assays for cell viability, proliferation and death analysis, available in a wide range of formats to meet individual research needs. We also offer unique flow cytometry-based assays to measure oxidative stress and to profile multi-drug resistance. These flexible assays are compatible with all flow cytometry platforms, regardless of size or functionality. The assays are easy to perform and can be run quickly using small sample input, without sacrificing sensitivity.

In addition, Enzo Life Sciences offers more than 600 antibodies that have been validated for flow cytometry. These include isotype controls as well as biotin and fluorescent conjugates for use in evaluating intracellular and extracellular proteins.


Cell Signaling and Signal Transduction

Solutions For Wnt Pathway Screening
High-throughput Assays for Canonical Wnt Pathway Analysis.

ELISA Assays for Cyclic Nucleotide Analysis
The most sensitive colorimetric ELISA kits for detection of cAMP and cGMP, key second messenger signaling molecules.


Calcium Mobilization Assays
Utilizing the brightest and most sensitive fluorescent Ca2+ indicator, FLUOFORTE® Calcium Assay kit provides much higher signal intensity and the largest assay window on the market.

And More
Lipid Signaling, Enzyme Activity Assays, MAP Kinase Pathway ... and more

Cell Migration Assays
Reproducible assays for monitoring real-time, membrane-free cell migration.


Featured Product

Reliable, All-inclusive Screening of Wnt Pathway Modulators

  • A true end-point detection system for screening compounds
  • Greater sensitivity than other whole cell assay kits on the market
  • Reproducibility that comes from using a validated system
  • Time-saving, no-transfection kit includes cells, media, detection reagents and controls

Stem Cell Discovery

Modulate Stem Cell Fate with Small Molecules & Proteins

Stem cell self-renewal and differentiation involves complex events which lead to the generation of various phenotypes. Enzo offers an extensive collection of small molecules and proteins such as growth factors and cytokines that can be used to influence differentiation, biochemical activity, and cell growth.

Small Molecules

  • Differentiation
  • Proliferation & Self-Renewal
  • Re-programming
  • Compound Libraries


  • Growth Factors
  • Cytokines/Chemokines
  • Stem Cell Markers



Gene Expression Analysis
Maximize Genomic Data with Minimal Sample Input

Wnt Pathway Analysis
Discover Wnt Pathway Modulators Affecting Stem Cell Development

Robust Epigenetic Screening Assays for Stem Cell Regulators


Live Cell Analysis
Multiplex Analysis of Cell Fate and Differentiation by Flow Cytometry

Worry-free Antibodies
Antibodies for Identification of Stem Cell Populations


Oxidative Stress

The term oxidative stress reflects an imbalance in free radical formation within a cell or organism, most commonly in the form of reactive oxygen or nitrogen species (ROS/RNS). ROS/RNS such as superoxide anions, hydroxyl radicals, hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide, and peroxynitrite originate from a variety of sources including changes in aerobic metabolism, immune activation, UV radiation, heme accumulation, and hypoxia. Failure of the cell’s defense mechanisms to compensate for accumulating insults such as mitochondrial dysfunction, DNA damage, misfolded proteins, and lipid peroxidation can trigger programmed cell death pathways, and has been linked to clinically relevant diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma, ischemia, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disease.


Live Cell, Multiplex Analysis Kits
Fluorescent detection kits for simultaneous detection of ROS and hypoxia.

High-Throughput Assays for Mitochondrial Function
HTS assays to monitor cellular oxygen, pH, and MMP as a readout of mitochondrial dysfunction.

Detect & Quantify Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress
Sensitive ELISA & Detection Kits and worry-free antibodies for markers of oxidative stress.


Modulate with Pro- and Anti-Oxidant Compounds
High-purity small molecules, spin traps, and ready-to-screen convenient compound libraries.

Spin Traps & Spin Probes
The highest purity spin traps for in vitro and in vivo detection of free radicals.


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