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Integrated Solutions for Personal Care Development

Growing range of innovative products

Enzo Life Sciences enables the cosmetic
R&D market with a diverse portfolio of
products for Personal Care.

Established history of supporting customers

Cosmetics companies,
public research
laboratories, actives
and ingredients suppliers

Full range of cosmetic R&D products

Aging, Pigmentation, Endocrine
Disruption, Carcinogenesis,
Genotoxicity, Allergy & Inflammation,
Irritation & Corrosion

Enhanced Testing for Safety, Toxicity and Efficacy

The skin functions as the primary line of defense against extrinsic stress such as UV-induced photo-damage, insults from microbial infections and physical deterioration resulting from aging and environmental exposure. As such, cosmetic industry scientists have utilized both basic and clinical research methods to develop effective ingredients for health and beauty products. The Enzo Life Sciences product portfolio provides assays and reagents for all phases of personal care product development to facilitate rapid discovery and enhanced testing for safety, toxicity and efficacy.


MMP Activity Assays & Active Enzymes
Protease Inhibitor Screening Assays and Protease Inhibitor Library
Oxidative Stress Detection Kits for ROS, Glutathione, Protein Carbonyl
& Lipid Peroxidation
Cell Proliferation Assay

High Sensitivity Prostaglandin ELISA kits
Quantify Biomarkers of Allergic & Inflammatory Responses
Viability Assays for Apoptosis, Necrosis and Autophagy

DNA Damage & Repair
DNA Damage ELISA Kit
Comet SCGE Assay Kit

Gene Deregulation (Epigenetics)
HDAC/SIRT Enzymes and Assay Kits
DNA Methylation Conversion & Detection Kits

Multiplexed detection of skin and skin
cancer biomarkers in histological samples

High Sensitivity ELISA Kits for Hormones
Testosterone, 17β-Estradiol, Cortisol,
Oxytocin, Progesterone and more

Active Tyrosinase
Catalase Fluorometric Detection Kit
PKA Kinase Activity Kit

Aging Irritation & Corrosion Allergy & Inflamation Genotoxicity Carcinogenesis Endocrine Disruption Pigmentation

A Growing Range of Innovative Products


Collagenases & Gelatinases
Cell Proliferation
Oxidative Stress

Irritation & Corrosion

Prostaglandins & Other Eicosanoids
Apoptosis & Necrosis

Allergy & Inflammation

Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Detection


DNA Damage
Gene Deregulation (Epigenetics)


Immunohistochemistry for
Skin Biomarkers

Endocrine Disruption

Hormone Assays

Skin Pigmentation

Sensitive Detection for Modulators
of Pigmentation

Additional Safety
& Toxicity Testing

Whole Cell Analysis
of Cytotoxic Compounds

Natural Products
& Compound Screening

Screen-Well® Libraries & Bulk Compounds

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