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Hypoxia-related proteins display lethal teamwork in supporting malignancy

Hypoxia refers to a pathological condition characterized by an inadequate supply of oxygen to the whole organism or to a specific tissue. Hypoxia-related proteins play an essential role in homeostasis responding to changes in oxygen levels. They also contribute to the physiology of several pathologies such as myocardial and cerebral ischemia, pulmonary hypertension, congenital heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer. Over-expression of hypoxia-inducible factors 1 and 2 (HIF-1α and HIF-2α) in solid tumors correlate with the expression of HIF-1α- and HIF-2α-target genes capable of promoting angiogenesis, anaerobic metabolism, and survival/escape mechanism from a hypoxic microenvironment. However, in order to fully activate these target genes, other transcription factors working together with HIF-1α and/or HIF-2α. In their recent publication in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Dr. Pawlus from the Program in Molecular Biology at the University of Colorado labeled RNAs from cancer cell lines using Enzo’s BioArray® High Yield RNA transcript labeling kit for microarray analysis and successfully demonstrated that upstream stimulating factor 2 (USF2) significantly influences the hypoxic induction of several known HIF-2α- but not HIF-1α-target genes. Looking further into this mechanism, USF2 was shown to physically interact with HIF-2α and its co-activators, CBP and P300, and bind to the promoters/enhancers of PAI1 and EPO, two HIF-2α target genes. As a result, USF2 was identified as being a critical player in the driving of HIF-2α-dependent tumorigenesis. However, it remains to be seen whether such interactions exist in normal cells under normoxic or hypoxic conditions.

Enzo Life Sciences offers a comprehensive portfolio for studying hypoxia including live cell analysis kits, gene expression analysis assays, antibodies and biochemicals; some of which are described below:



  • Pawlus MR, et al. Upstream stimulatory factor 2 and hypoxia-inducible factor 2a (HIF2a) cooperatively activate HIF2 target genes during hypoxia. Mol. Cell. Biol. (2012) 32: 4595.

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ROS-ID® Hypoxia/Oxidative stress detection kit 

Widely cited kit for the simultaneous analysis of hypoxia and oxidative stress by microscopy and flow cytometry applications
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ENZ-51042-K500 500 tests 463.00 USD
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Ah receptor nuclear translocator monoclonal antibody (2B10) 

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HIF-1α monoclonal antibody (Hα111a) 

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HIF-1α monoclonal antibody (mgc3) 

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HIF-2 α polyclonal antibody 

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ADI-OSA-605-F 200 µg 416.00 USD
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HIF-1α activator
112901-68-5, ≥98% (UHPLC) | Print as PDF
BML-GR341-0010 10 mg 93.00 USD
BML-GR341-0050 50 mg 394.00 USD
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HSP90 inhibitor
75747-14-7, Semisynthetic derivative from geldanamycin., ≥98% (TLC) | Print as PDF
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Antioxidant and chemopreventive
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iNOS inhibitor
63968-64-9, Isolated from the traditional Chinese anti-malarial herb Artemisia annua L., ≥98% (TLC) | Print as PDF
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ALX-350-219-G001 1 g 304.00 USD
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HIF-1 inhibitor
1403-36-7, Isolated from Chaetomium species., ≥98% (HPLC) | Print as PDF
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ALX-350-128-M001 1 mg Inquire for pricing
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HIF-1α inhibitor
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Dimethyl-bisphenol A 

HIF-1α inhibitor
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BML-GR339-0050 50 mg 419.00 USD
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Prolyl-4-hydroxylase inhibitor
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BML-EI347-0050 50 mg 396.00 USD
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HSP90 inhibitor
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BML-EI280-0005 5 mg 526.00 USD
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Estrogen receptor inhibitor
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BML-S540-0050 50 mg 382.00 USD
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PHD inhibitor
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ALX-270-412-M050 50 mg 179.00 USD
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Vincristine . sulfate 

Microtubule inhibitor
2068-78-2, ≥98% TLC | Print as PDF
BML-T117-0005 5 mg 148.00 USD
BML-T117-0025 25 mg 587.00 USD
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DGAT inhibitor
569-83-5, 6754-58-1, Isolated from hops (Humulus lupulus)., ≥98% (HPLC) | Print as PDF
ALX-350-280-M005 5 mg 202.00 USD
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