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Innovative Tools – From Discovery to Development

Innovative Controls to Monitor Vaccine Efficiency
from Discovery to Clinical Trials

Vaccines are a crucial tool used in public health to control the spread of infectious diseases. Historically, vaccines have been the single most effective means to fight and ultimately eradicate certain infectious diseases. Today, vaccines are in high demand as the global community struggles through epidemics of diseases that do not yet have a vaccine. We provide reagents to ensure that your vaccines are first-to-market and cost-effective, two key issues that can make or break the launch of a vaccine. As part of our portfolio, we offer tools to develop cell-based cancer vaccines, which efficiently target heterogenous cancer cells. Enzo Life Sciences offers a comprehensive offering of tools and forty years of expertise to ensure that your development is successful, from target identification to launch.

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Vaccine Therapeutics


The AMPIPROBE® HCV Assay Kit is a (RT-qPCR) assay for the quantitative detection of human hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA in plasma or serum. The proprietary primer mix included in the kit is specific for HCV genotypes 1 through 6.


The assay employs a novel in situ hybridization technique utilizing a cocktail of probes specific to multiple sites within the E6 and E7 genes to ensure the detection of these mRNA transcripts. This homogeneous assay can be performed in less than 3 hours and is specific for the most prevalent high-risk HPV genotypes.


Accelerate Vaccine Discovery

Native Bacterial And Viral Antigens

Optimized Expression Systems Deliver Superior Antigenicity

We offer a broad range of native state bacterial and viral antigens for vaccine research and in vitro diagnostics markets. Purified native protein or production in the latest mammalian expression systems ensure that the resultant antigens are expressed to a high level, are in their native folded state, and possess all relevant post-translational modifications.

  • Higher specificity and sensitivity
  • Minimal lot-to-lot variation
  • Reproducible scale-up for bulk quantities
  • Lyophilized format for extended shelf-life



Detect Analytes Accurately with High-Sensitivity ELISA Kits

Our catalog of nearly 300 ELISA kits includes sensitive, specific assays for relevant markers of cell viability, signaling pathways, steroid and peptide hormones, inflammation, and more.


  • Ultra-sensitive colorimetric ELISAs measures as little as 8.26 pg/mL PGE2
  • Available to use for cell lysates, culture supernatants, serum, saliva, urine, and many more sample types
  • Widely cited in peer-reviewed literature
  • High-throughput capabilities with chemiluminescent and fluorescent format options
  • Validated with a broad range of sample types


Detect Specific Cell Populations With Antibodies For CD Markers

We offer a broad range of antibodies for use in all areas of vaccine research. Many are validated for use in key applications such as flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitation, and Western blotting. Every antibody is backed by our Worry-free Antibody Trial Program, allowing you to evaluate any of our antibodies of interest for your specific application or species without risk.


Modulate Host Response

MEGACD40L® Protein (soluble)(human)(recombinant)

High-activity, high-purity CD40L construct for co-stimulatory activation of an immune response.

  • Improved stability and enhanced activity, when compared to CD40L alone or with enhancers
  • Superior purity eliminates experimental artifacts
  • 100-fold lower endotoxin levels than comparable products
  • Guarantees reliable results through consistent lot-to-lot performance

Enhance Immune Activation with MEGACD40L® Protein

B cell lymphocyte activation by various CD40L constructs. PBMCs were treated for 48 hours in media containing serially diluted CD40L, CD40L + 2 μg/mL Enhancer, or MEGACD40L® Protein. Cells were dual-stained with α-human CD19–PE and α-human CD86–APC and analyzed by flow cytometry. Data are presented as the percent of CD19+ B cells that co-stain as CD86+.


SUPERFASLIGAND® (soluble)(human)(recombinant)

Fas ligand with improved stability providing significantly enhanced immune activation.

  • Features an N-Terminus linker shown to improve stability
  • Enhanced immune activation compared to other recombinant ligands
  • Mimics glycosylation of native human FasL

Induction of Cell Death with SUPERFASLIGAND® Protein

Jurkat cells were incubated with the indicated concentration of SUPERFASLIGAND® and cell proliferation was assayed. Percent viability was determined in comparison to control wells with no SUPERFASLIGAND®.


Small Molecule Chemistry

With more than 3,000 biologically characterized small molecules and the industry’s most diverse collection of compound libraries, Enzo’s ultra-high purity compounds and proteins can be used to maximize yield via modulation of autophagy, proteases, and osmotic stress.


Optimize and Monitor Product Integrity

PROTEOSTAT® Protein Aggregation Assay

  • Simple, sensitive, homogeneous fluorescent microplate assay
  • Provides a convenient, complementary orthogonal method for cross-validation of instrumentation-intensive techniques
  • Useful assay to troubleshoot protein damage, from protein development through manufacturing stages
  • High-throughput method for monitoring protein stability when used with flow cytometry

Monitoring Freeze-Thaw Cycle-Induced Aggregation in Bulk Proteins

Freeze-thaw cycle induced aggregation: 2 mg/mL of Rabbit anti-Goat IgG in 100 mM citrate, pH 2.7


PROTEOSTAT® Thermal Shift Stability Assay

  • A simple, sensitive, homogenous fluorescence assay, using the aggregation temperature to optimize protein stability conditions
  • Accelerated screening for protein stability as a function of pH, ionic strength, and concentration
  • Able to detect ligand binding, even without a prior knowledge of the protein’s function or ligand binding site
  • Works over a wide temperature, pH and ionic strength range and compatible with commonly used buffers and excipients
  • Provides a convenient, complementary orthogonal method for cross-validation of instrumentation-intensive techniques

Determining Optimal Storage pH for a Protein of Interest

The PROTEOSTAT® Thermal Shift Stability Assay can detect the optimal storage pH for a protein of interest. As illustrated, β-lactoglobulin was incubated with 40 mM buffer of pH ranging from 3 to 12 in the presence of 150 mM sodium chloride. At pH 7 and above, the stability of β-lactoglobulin decreases, as indicated by the lower aggregation temperature. Published studies have shown that the protein undergoes a conformational transition at this pH value (Blanch et al. (1997) Prot. Sci. 8:1362).


Protein A ELISA Kit

  • Detects 1 ppm of Protein A residuals in human IgG
  • Recognizes 4 different Protein A variants
  • Useful for contamination analysis and measurement of Protein A variants in monoclonal antibody preparations
  • Produces results in less than 3 hours with low cost-per-test

Recognizes All Commonly Used Protein A Constructs

Assay recognition of different Protein A constructs, post boiling. Resulting concentrations were interpolated from kit standard curve. Percent recovery calculated by dividing observed concentration by expected concentration.


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