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Designed for Accuracy. Optimized for Sensitivity.

As leaders in labeling and detection, Enzo offers a wide-ranging portfolio of reagents and kits for the detection, localization, and quantification of antigens and viral DNA in cells. Our reagents and kits are developed in-house by our scientists and are optimized for use with manual and automated ISH and IHC platforms, allowing flexibility while still maintaining high sensitivity and low background staining. As the first company to develop non-radioactive HPV probes for ISH detection, Enzo continues to lead the market with our PATHOGENE® HPV Detection Assays and BIOPROBE ® Virus Detection Assays. For IHC applications, we offer nanopolymer detection reagents combined with the market’s most extensive palette of unique chromogens to provide low-cost and high-efficiency solutions.


In situ Molecular Pathology and Co-Expression Analysises

Recent improvements in immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization
Gerard J. Nuovo, Jack Coleman and Maurizio Mauro


ISH - in Situ Hybridization

Viral Detection Probes

For the last forty years, Enzo has been a pioneer and innovator in viral detection probes. In 1986, Enzo developed the first non-radioactive HPV probes for in situ hybridization detection, allowing researchers to quickly and efficiently detect low-risk and high-risk HPV genotypes. As a developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge HPV detection systems, Enzo continues to bring innovative technologies that provide clinically relevant information to researchers studying human papillomavirus to the market.


PATHO-GENE® HPV Detection Assays and Specific Probes

PATHO-GENE® HPV probes enable detection of viral DNA in fresh or FFPE tissue sections. Discover our convenient HPV Typing assays and specific biotin-labeled probes for HPV and a variety of common infectious agents.

DIGX® HPV Probes

Digoxigenin-based detection overcomes high background or false positives that may arise from endogenous biotin in biological samples when using biotin-based detection. Enzo’s DIGX® HPV probes are available to detect 3 different HPV genotypes, associated with different risks for cancer progression.


BIO-PROBE® Virus Detection Assays

Ready-to-use biotinylated probes for ISH detection, capable of detecting a wide variety of targets, including Adenovirus, Blur-8, and CMV.


AMPIVIEW™ RNA probes are uniquely designed with the precision of targeted, sequence specific RNA, powered by Enzo’s LoopRNA ISH™ technology to deliver superior sensitivity when combined with Enzo’s linkers and immunohistochemistry (IHC) detection solutions. When AMPIVIEW™ RNA probes hybridize to nucleic acid targets, loops form exposing biotin or digoxigenin labels, making these probes highly specific and sensitive to detect. Target genes can be visualized in its morphological context with a light microscope.


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IHC - Immunohistochemistry

High Sensitivity, Low Background Immunohistochemistry Products

For decades, immunohistochemistry (IHC) has been an invaluable tool for the detection, localization, and quantification of antigens in preserved tissue for research and diagnostic purposes. Continuing our position as a leader in detection technologies, Enzo Life Sciences offers a complete set of tools to help improve the quality and efficiency of your IHC process from start to finish. Our high-sensitivity, low background labeling reagents, combined with the market’s most extensive palette of unique chromogens, provide the flexibility needed for simple or complex protocols. Our convenient kits, an extensive catalog of IHC-validated antibodies, and high definition chromogens enable accurate, reproducible multiplex detection of two or more antigens in the same sample, increasing efficiency and preserving precious tissue samples.


POLYVIEW® PLUS Nanopolymer Peroxidase Detection Solutions

Complete kits with high-sensitivity and low background deliver clear results

  • Complete ready-to-use staining kits and reagents for IHC and ISH
  • High sensitivity POLYVIEW® PLUS reagents’ biotin-free nanopolymer detection circumvents endogenous background while providing specifi c antigen localization
  • HIGHDEF® DAB (Brown) HRP provides high intensity color development to deliver sharp, crisp staining
  • Compatible with manual and automated platforms

SAVIEW® PLUS Streptavidin Detection Solutions

Streptavidin-based detection with increased sensitivity and lower background

  • Reduced carbohydrate and biotin background
  • Optimized ready-to-use reagents for IHC and ISH detection
  • Compatible with both manual and automated platforms


MULTIVIEW® PLUS Multiplex IHC Detection Kits

Superior MULTIVIEW® PLUS IHC kits for efficient detection of multiple antigens in a single tissue sample.

  • Biotin-free nanopolymer-based system for superior multiplex antigen detection
  • Complete kit includes HIGHDEF® chromogens for sensitive, crisp 2-color development
  • Preserves precious tissue while reducing reagent and labor costs
  • Expandable with additional chromogens (sold separately)

Customer Testimonials:

" The POLYVIEW ® PLUS HRP-DAB (Anti-Rabbit) kit worked very well; there was no background and the protocol is faster than many other IHC kits available commercially. I would surely recommend it. I was really happy with the POLYVIEW® PLUS HRP-DAB (Anti-Mouse) kit too."
– Columbia University

" We tested Enzo’s POLYVIEW® IHC detection reagents and HIGHDEF® chromogens on our immunohistochemical autostainers against similar available detection reagents and chromogens. We found that Enzo’s detection reagents and chromogens matched or exceeded what we currently used, allowing for increased sensitivity and specificity when used against both human and murine tissue."
– The Beatson Institute


An Unrivaled Selection of High Definition Chromogens

Modified Nucleotides & Nick Translation Labeling

Ensure Peak Labeling Performance for FISH Probe Synthesis

Fluorescent dye-dUTPs are well recognized as superior to analogous methods using cumbersome indirect two-step labeling methods. When coupled with the Nick Translation DNA Labeling System, this direct approach provides a simple and efficient method to label DNA for FISH, suitable for a wide range of molecular biology and cytogenetics applications.

  • Ten distinct colors to choose from, spanning the visible light spectrum
  • High signal intensity and good photostability

Labeling DNA probe for FISH analysis.


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