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Drug Discovery

Innovative Tools for Accelerating Drug Discovery

Development of a single drug, whether it is a new chemical entity or a biologic therapeutic, requires significant investment of resources. Each step of the process from early discovery through production and delivery must be fully explored, characterized, and understood.

From target discovery and validation to formulation and manufacturing, Enzo offers a line of products and services that can accelerate your drug discovery program. Choose from an extensive range of assay kits, enzymes, substrates and compound libraries for primary and secondary screening, immunodetection assays for reliable biomarker detection, and cytotoxicity assays for in vitro drug safety assessment. Our aim is to deliver innovative tools that make drug development more efficient, more cost-effective and more successful.

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Drug Discovery

Enabling Solutions Across The Drug Development Pipeline

Streamline Your Screening Process With Over 3,000 Unique Small Molecules

Enzo Life Sciences has a long and successful track record in identifying, synthesizing, and commercializing valuable known bioactives for use as research tools. Our small molecules are available as either stand-alone products or curated libraries, offering ultimate flexibility and value. Our long-standing, flagship SCREEN-WELL® Compound Library product family offers an easy, ready-to-use method for compound screening.


Chemical Genomics
Drug Repurposing

Receptor De-Orphaning
Natural Products


Toxicity Libraries
Pathway Targeting


Compound Libraries

Featured Product

SCREEN-WELL® FDA Approved Drug Library V2

Accelerate drug optimization with a unique collection of compounds of known safety and bioavailability for diverse targets

  • Compounds can be used for diverse drug discovery in the fields of cardiology, neuropsychiatry, immunology, oncology and more!
  • Contains more than 100 additional compounds compared to our previous FDA approved library versions
  • 100% known bioactivity and greatest degree of druglikeness available
  • Recently approved FDA compounds are also included
  • We provide detailed information in our comprehensive documentation for each compound

Visualize Cellular Responses With Novel Fluorescent Probes

Our panel of CELLESTIAL® fluorescence-based live cell assays is built upon our extensive expertise in the design and synthesis of fluorescent probes. From simple organelle specific dyes for imaging cell structure and determining cell viability, to more complex dyes for evaluating cell signaling and death pathways, each of our probes is developed to provide sensitivity, specificity, and convenience.

  • Convenient – Increased photostability reduces photobleaching
  • Specific – Reduce false positives by eliminating non-specific dye-associated artifacts
  • Flexible – Compatible with common dyes and fluorescent markers (i.e., GFP) for multiplex analysis
  • Consistent – Optimized for reproducibility on microplate, flow cytometry, or fluorescent microscopy platforms

Cellular Responses Fluorescent Probes

Screen Enzyme Modulators With Innovative Activity Assays

Our decades of experience in the design and manufacture of active enzymes and their substrates supports development of an ever-expanding portfolio of biochemical assays. Our menu of scalable enzyme activity assays is anchored by our Fluor de Lys® deacetylase assay platform, featuring kits for screening modulators of HDAC and Sirtuin activity. We also offer FRET-based assays for matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and caspase activity, as well as phospho-specific antibody-based kinase assays. These assays exemplify the synergy of Enzo capabilities, assembling small peptide, active recombinant protein synthesis, fluorescent labeling and detection technologies, and antibody development into robust, reproducible assay kits.



High activity, high purity recombinant enzymes for high-quality hits


Bulk enzymes and substrates available for post-screening studies


Patented substrate/developer chemistries in a variety of readout formats

HDAC and Sirtuin Assays

  • Non-radioactive, homogeneous, HTS compatible formats
  • Green & chemiluminescent assays available to minimize interference
  • Assay all HDAC classes from multiple sources
  • High-activity, in-house manufactured control enzymes

HDAC and Sirtuin Assays

Convenient Screening Formats


MMP RED and GREEN Drug Discovery Kits

  • Improved red-shifted substrate with better kinetics and brighter signal
  • Includes active recombinant enzyme, substrate, and assay buffer
  • Convenient real-time kinetics of cleavage is easily determined
  • Microplate format for high-throughput screening

MMP RED and GREEN Drug Discovery Kits

Fluorescent emission spectra of small molecule drug camptothecin (light blue), OE33 cells (dark blue), MMP GREEN substrate (green), and MMP RED substrate (red), showing that the MMP GREEN and RED substrates avoid the interference caused by small molecules and cells.


Akt, PKA, PKC Kinase Activity Kits

  • Optimal flexibility with end-point or kinetic assay read-out
  • Safe, rapid and reliable colorimetric detection for use with basic instrumentation
  • Validated for multiple sample types including adherent cells, suspension cells, tissue extracts, and proteins from any species
  • Maximal efficiency and low sample volume requirements leading to reduced cost during screening

Kinase Activity Kits

Analysis of purified active PKA activity with ADI-EKS-390A. Varying quantities of purified active PKA were assayed using the PKA substrate microtiter plate. Assays were incubated for 60 min at 30° C.


Detect Analytes Accurately With High Sensitivity ELISAs

Enzo Life Sciences offers a large variety of immunoassay kits in both immunometric and competitive assay formats. Each kit is put through rigorous testing to ensure high precision, accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity. You can be confident that you will obtain reproducible results, day-after-day and lot-after-lot.

  • Consistent – strict quality control guidelines ensure reproducible results, lot-after-lot
  • Trusted – reliability highlighted in peer-reviewed publications for three decades
  • Flexible – adaptable to automated equipment for high throughput systems

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