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SCREEN-WELL® Phosphatase Inhibitor library

BML-2834-0100 1 Library 100 µl/well 1,479.00 USD
BML-2834-0500 1 Library 500 µl/well 4,597.00 USD
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The SCREEN-WELL® Phosphatase Inhibitor Library contains 33 known phosphatase inhibitors of well-defined activity. Inhibitors are supplied dissolved in DMSO at 10 mM and aliquoted into deep-well plates at either 100 µl or 500 µl per well. The library is ideal for chemical genomics, assay development, and as a reference set for secondary screening. Includes inhibitors of these important phosphatases: Calcineurin(PP2B), JSP-1, PRL-1, CD45, PP1, PRL-3, CDC25, PP2A, PTEN, and many more.

Product Details

Use/Stability:Stable for at least one year from the date of receipt when stored at -80°C.
Shipping:Dry Ice
Long Term Storage:-80°C
Technical Info/Product Notes:
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

Product Literature References

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