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Drug Development

Drug Development

Creating Efficiency and Quality to Accelerate Your Drug Development Process

Every drug developer thinks about the balance between speed and quality. Enzo partners with you to provide unique products that drive efficiency into your process without increasing cost or compromising quality. We understand that developing a pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical product can be challenging. Whether you are developing monoclonal antibodies, antigen drug conjugates, CAR-T therapy, stem cells, or vaccines, Enzo’s innovative solutions for discovery and development can help create efficiencies, ensure quality, and accelerate drug your drug development.

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Drug Discovery

Consistent results come from focused experiments complemented by quality reagents. Enzo offers a full range of drug development solutions including proteins, enzymes, antibodies, activators, inhibitors, probes, and assay kits. Within our Drug Discovery portfolio, we introduced AMPIVIEW™ RNA Probes, a unique spatial biology ISH platform that supports multifaceted visualization of results.


To address the challenges of target identification and gene expression in Drug Discovery, the AMPIVIEW RNA probes, powered by Enzo’s LoopRNA ISH™ technology, provide visualization of the spatial localization of target genes in their tissue context without disrupting cell morphology.


Upstream bioprocessing faces a significant challenge in maximizing the production of biopharmaceuticals using living cells. Enzo’s broad portfolio of small molecules and recombinant proteins can aid in overcoming the challenges of upstream bioprocessing, providing various options for optimizing cell growth, enhancing protein expression or viral titers, and improving bioproduction efficiency, ultimately leading to higher yields of biopharmaceuticals.

MEGACD40L® Protein

MEGACD40L® is a valuable tool for maximizing the yield of biopharmaceuticals, offering opportunities to modulate the immune response and enhance antigen presentation, thus improving potency and efficiency during biopharmaceutical production.scalability.

ADME / Predictive Toxicology

Identifying and assessing the toxicity of chemicals or biologics early in the drug development process is critical in the drug development pipeline. Enzo supports drug identification and validation with various assays, screening toxicity libraries, and kits.

GFP-Certified® Apoptosis/ Necrosis Detection Kit

Our CELLESTIAL® cellular analysis assays comprise next generation fluorescent dyes to assess and visualize toxicity in in vitro assays and in in vivo testing as drug candidates progress through the development pipeline.


Ensuring a product remains pure and functional during downstream scale-up is paramount. Enzo’s broad portfolio of biochemical assays, detection reagents, and immunoassays offers a variety of solutions to ensure scale-up success.

Protein A ELISA Kit

Enzo offers various ELISA kits for monitoring contaminants in biologics, including our highly sensitive Protein A ELISA kit, to detect protein A residuals. This kit is a valuable tool for quality control of your antibody production.

Featured Solution: MEGACD40L® Protein

Increase yields of your biopharmaceuticals

  1. Improve titers of Lentiviruses, gamma retroviruses or adeno-associated virus (AAV) repair templates when transducing primary B cells. Low viral titers, make large-scale production challenging. Edited (transduced) primary B cells can be subsequently differentiated in culture into plasma cells that produce physiological doses of therapeutic proteins, including human factor IX (FIX).

    Read how %%scientist-name%% from %%scientist-institution%% used MEGACD40L® Protein to improve lentivirus based bioproduction.

  2. Dendritic cell therapies: APC-based cancer vaccine: to generate DCs with high levels of co-stimulatory molecules necessary for T-cell activation and high production of IL-12, necessary for type-1 immune responses. CD40L is used as adjuvant to induce high level production of IL-12 on DC cells.

  3. Optimizing production of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) by B cells using Hybridomas (Fused B cells with cancer cells)

  4. CAR-T cell therapy: To optimize CAR-T cell expansion and function, co-stimulatory signals are crucial. CD40L is employed to provide co-stimulation during CAR-T cell manufacturing and expansion. CD40-CD40L interaction activates APCs and triggers a series of signals that enhance the activation and expansion of CAR-T cells. The activated APCs release cytokines, such as interleukin-12 (IL-12) and interleukin-6 (IL-6), which further promote CAR-T cell proliferation and effector functions. Additionally, CD40L signaling leads to upregulation of co-stimulatory molecules, such as CD80 and CD86, on APCs, which provide additional signals for CAR-T cell expansion and activation.

High-quality Enhanced Ligands Deliver Consistent Results

Enhance Immune Activation with MEGACD40L® Protein

B cell lymphocyte activation by various CD40L constructs. PBMCs were treated for 48 hrs in serum free media containing serially diluted MEGACD40L® Protein, CD40L + 2ug/mL Enhancer, or CD40L. Cells were dual-stained with anti-human CD19–PE and anti-human CD86–APC and analyzed by flow cytometry. Data are presented as the percent of CD19+ B cells that co-stain as CD86+

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