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Press Releases


Date Press Release
August 2018 Enzo Biochem To Acquire New Facility For Manufacturing And Distribution To Advance Its Diagnostic And Therapeutic Growth Strategy
January 2018 Enzo Life Sciences Introduces New Portfolio of Clinically Relevant, Validated Antibodies for IHC


Date Press Release
April 2017 Enzo Life Sciences Introduces Innovative Ultra-Sensitive Multiplex IHC Kit
January 2017 Enzo Life Sciences Launches New Compound Library to Provide Essential Standards for Cancer Inhibitor Screening


Date Press Release
November 2016 Enzo Life Sciences Launches New PLAQPRO™ Lp-PLA2 Assay to Measure Cardiac Risk
November 2016 Enzo Life Sciences Launches New Immunoassay to Detect Low Levels of IL-6
August 2016 Enzo Life Sciences Launches New Nanopolymer Immunohistochemistry Detection Reagents
May 2016 Enzo Life Sciences continues to expand its offering of unique CELLESTIAL® Cellular Analysis products with the introduction of CYTO-ID® Autophagy Detection Kit 2.0
April 2016 Enzo launches an ultra-sensitive and highly specific Total PSA (human) ELISA Kit
March 2016 CYTAG™ TotalCGH Labeling Kit for CGH+SNP arrays
March 2016 Digoxigenin-dUTP and Digoxigenin-UTP for labeling nucleic acids


Date Press Release
December 2015 Simple and Accurate Measurement of Melatonin
November 2015 Enzo launches an ultra-sensitive and highly specific VEGF ELISA Kit
November 2015 Enzo Launches EQ Quencher Dyes for Molecular Biology FRET Applications
November 2015 Enzo Biochem Announces New York State Approval of Its First Assay Based on Ampiprobe™ Platform Aimed at Providing Affordable Molecular Diagnostics in Light of Reimbursement Pressure
August 2015 Enzo continues to expand its immunoassays offering with Proinsulin and Insulin ELISA kits
June 2015 New SCREEN-WELL® Nephrotoxicity Compound Library enables targeted predictive toxicology screening
June 2015 CYGREEN™ Nucleic Acid Dye for gel staining and higher sensitivity qPCR
June 2015 New TIMP-1 (human) ELISA kit
June 2015 New Human Growth Hormone ELISA kit
May 2015 Enzo Life Sciences releases an ELISA Plate Reader App for iOS and Android
March 2015 New Transferrin ELISA Kit for the rapid detection of transferrin
February 2015 A quantitative approach to monitoring methotrexate levels during treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease
February 2015 Enzo Biochem Announces New Molecular Platform and First Product for Early Focus on Cervical Cancer Progression
January 2015 New Histamine ELISA kits from Enzo Life Sciences


Date Press Release
December 2014 New FSH ELISA Kit for Sensitive and Rapid Detection of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone
October 2014 New LH ELISA Kit for Sensitive and Rapid Detection of luteinizing hormone
August 2014 New CRP ELISA Kit for the Rapid Detection of C-Reactive Protein
July 2014 New Sensitive Amp’d™ GLP-1 ELISA Kit for the Rapid Detection of Glucagon-Like Peptide 1
May 2014 Enzo Biochem Unit Partners With Innate Pharma S.A. To Validate Key System For Antibody Drug Conjugate Development
March 2014 New Amp’d™ ELISA Technology for the Improved Sensitivity of ELISAs
March 2014 New Ultra-Sensitive Amp’d™ HSP70 ELISA Kit for Detection of Baseline & Upregulated Levels of HSP70
February 2014 APP ΔC31 ELISA Kit for the Quantification of a Novel APP Cleavage Fragment Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease


Date Press Release
December 2013 New KIM-1 ELISA Kit is Most Sensitive for Quantifying Biomarker of Early Stage Kidney Injury and Disease
November 2013 New Grp78/BiP ELISA Kit from Enzo Life Sciences, Inc. Quantifies Critical ER Chaperone and Regulator of Unfolded Protein Response
November 2013 Enzo Biochem Announces Study in Leading Scientific Journal Linking Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a Deadly Human Disease with No Effective Treatment Options, to Presence of a Monkey Virus
October 2013 Leading Light™ Sclerostin-LRP Screening System from Enzo Life Sciences, Inc. Facilitates High-throughput Screening of Wnt Pathway Modulators
September 2013 Enzo Life Sciences Expands Its Epigenetics Portfolio to Include DNA Methylation Analysis
June 2013 New Live Cell, Multiplex Analysis Kits for Hypoxia/ROS and Mitochondrial Dysfunction
June 2013 High Sensitivity, Low Background Multiplex Immunohistochemical (IHC) Analysis from Enzo Life Sciences, Inc.
March 2013 DiSH™ technology for rapid production of monoclonal antibodies now available from Enzo Life Sciences, Inc.


Date Press Release
November 2012 Leading Light™ Wnt Reporter Assay from Enzo Life Sciences, Inc., provides high-sensitivity, high-throughput screening of Wnt pathway modulators
November 2012 24(S)-Hydroxycholesterol ELISA Kit from Enzo Life Sciences, Inc.
March 2012 Enzo Biochem announces expanded distribution agreement with Japan's COSMO BIO


Date Press Release
December 2011 Enzo Biochem Unveils New Molecular Assay Techs, Including TaqMan PCR Challenger
December 2011 PEGylated Protein ELISA Kit from Enzo Life Sciences, Inc., enables quantitative measurement of a wide range of branched and linear forms of PEG, for a multitude of bioprocessing applications
October 2011 Screen-Well® Wnt Pathway Compound Library from Enzo Life Sciences enables targeted research on the role of the Wnt pathway in various diseases including cancer, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases.
October 2011 p62 and NBR1 ELISA Kits from Enzo Life Sciences, Inc., enable quantitative measurement of autophagy biomarkers without the need for expensive equipment or long procedures
September 2011 Enzo Life Sciences Adds Direct Sales Office In France To Further Increase Its Customer Service
May 2011 ProteoStat® Assays Accelerate Bioprocess Optimization
March 2011 Enzo Life Sciences Launches First-to-Market Survival Motor Neuron (SMN) Protein Immunoassay System.
Jan 2011 Cyto-ID® Red Long-Term Cell Tracer Kit from Enzo Life Sciences, Inc. enables labeling and tracking of live cells for up to 96 hours


Date Press Release
Dec 2010 Screen-Well® Autophagy Compound Library from Enzo Life Sciences enables targeted research on the role of autophagy in various diseases including cancer and neurodegenerative diseases
May 2010 Enzo Life Sciences Introduces Rapid Forced Degradation Analysis Kit


Date Press Release
November 2009 New Ubiquitin and UBL Signaling Products Catalog
October 2009 New Epigenetics & Chromatin Modification Products Catalog
September 2009 New Calcium Mobilization Assay Kit With Brighter Fluorescence Intensity
August 2009 Compound Libraries Catalog
July 2009 Cell Organelle Detection Kits
June 2009 Obesity Research Reagents Catalog
April 2009 Fluorescent Probes and Labeling Products Brochure
March 2009 Enzo Life Sciences launches its new Website with over 8,000 Life Science Reagents
Feb 09 Enzo Life Sciences Expands Leadership in Biochemicals and Biologicals Enabling Discovery in Life Science

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