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New Calcium Mobilization Assay Kit With Brighter Fluorescence Intensity

September 2009

A new assay kit for monitoring calcium mobilization in live cells across a broad spectrum of biological targets is now available from Enzo Life Sciences. The new FluoForte™ Calcium Assay Kit contains the brightest and most sensitive fluorescent Ca2+ indicator on the market. With a larger assay window than other calcium indicators, the FluoForte™ reagent can measure calcium changes in challenging cell lines and with difficult receptors, generating a strong green fluorescence signal.

This homogeneous assay is ideal for analyzing both G protein-coupled receptor and calcium ion channel targets. The easy-to-use protocol does not require a wash step or the addition of a quencher dye, which could potentially modify pharmacological parameters. The FluoForte™ dye can be loaded at 37°C or room temperature, which makes it amenable to high throughput screening applications in drug discovery. This new kit is validated on a range of microplate-based readers, from basic bench top models to high throughput imaging instruments, as well as on flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy platforms. The FluoForte™ Calcium Assay Kit is available as a starter kit and as a high-throughput kit. The dye itself is also available as a stand-alone reagent.

For more information on Enzo Life Sciences calcium mobilization assay kit, visit the company’s website at, e-mail, call 610-941-0430, or write Enzo Life Sciences International, Inc. at 5120 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 USA.

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