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Obesity Research Reagents Catalog

June 2009

A 40-page catalog featuring over 240 reagents and ELISA kits for researchers studying the metabolic syndrome is now available from Enzo Life Sciences. This useful product guide includes adipokines as well as peptides involved with the regulation of food uptake and energy expenditure.

Among the comprehensive panel of adipokines highlighted in the Enzo Life Sciences Obesity Catalog are traditional signaling molecules such as Adiponectin, Leptin, Nampt (Visfatin/PBEF), and Resistin plus many newly described adipokines, including Chemerin, Omentin, and Vaspin. Also featured is a panel of neuronal and gastrointestinal peptides, including Ghrelin, Obestatin, and Nesfatin as well as many other obesity factors. In addition to providing detailed product data, this informative catalog also provides an overview of each major product group, signaling diagrams, and literature references. For ease of use, reagents are listed in order of discovery and importance.

To download a copy of the Enzo Life Sciences Obesity Catalog, visit company’s website at and click on Catalogs/Brochures. You can also request a copy directly by e-mailing, calling +41 61 926 89 89, or writing Enzo Life Sciences AG, Industriestrasse 17, Postfach, CH-4415, Lausen, Switzerland.

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