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New Epigenetics & Chromatin Modification Products Catalog

October 2009

A comprehensive catalog of histone- and DNA-modifying reagents for researchers involved in epigenetic studies such as cell proliferation, cell development, and the decisions between cell survival and cell death is now available from Enzo Life Sciences. The company’s epigenetics product line now features over 100 high purity reagents, including compounds for lysine acetylation/deacetylation (HATs, HDACs, and sirtuins), protein methylation/demethylation, DNA methylation, and telomerases. Also included is the Fluor de Lys™ assay platform, which allows simple fluorometric assays of deacetylase activity from purified or immunoprecipitated proteins, cell lysates, or intact cells.

New to the Enzo Life Sciences epigenetics and chromatin modification product line are two fluorogenic drug discovery kits. The Fluor de Lys™-Green HDAC Assay is a convenient, two-step assay for measuring HDAC activity from cell extracts or purified enzymes. It utilizes a proprietary fluorescent probe with a wavelength excitation/emission profile that eliminates potential interference from the autofluorescence of cell constituents and small molecule compounds. The Fluor de Lys™-Green HDAC Assay is useful for high throughput screening of potential HDAC inhibitors. The LSD1 Fluorometric Drug Discovery Kit is a convenient kit for assaying lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) activity and for screening LSD1 inhibitors. It couples oxidative demethylation of a peptide substrate with peroxidation of Enzo Life Sciences CELLestial™ Red Substrate to produce a red fluorescence signal that can be monitored continuously at 590nm.

For more information on Enzo Life Sciences epigenetics and chromatin modification reagents and assay kits, or to request the company’s new Epigenetics & Chromatin Modification Catalog, visit the company’s website at, e-mail, call 610-941-0430, or write Enzo Life Sciences International, Inc. at 5120 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 USA.

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