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7 Simple Tools For Maximizing Your Bioprocess Pipeline

Are you in the bioprocessing field?
If so, let Enzo help you navigate the daunting quality control aspects of your operation by providing 7 simple tools to maximize your bioprocess pipeline. Whether you work in drug discovery, upstream, or downstream bioprocessing, Enzo offers a range of products to help you optimize product integrity, monitor contamination, and maximize yield.

Who should attend this webinar?
Anyone in the bioprocessing field who wants to know more about characterizing their biologic, protein aggregation, formulation optimization, storage and packaging of their biologic, and how to monitor and detect contamination.

Why should you attend this webinar?
To ensure that you are optimizing your bioprocess pipeline to facilitate rigorous and reproducible quality control in order to produce the highest quality product while consistently and reliably scaling your operation.

Presented by: Heather Brown, PhD
Application Scientist

Topic: Bioprocess

How to increase laboratory-based COVID-19 testing capacity

The COVID-19 pandemic is still a big threat for the United States. Diagnostic testing is critical to monitor and contain the disease; however, the increasing testing demand has created a shortage in laboratory-based molecular tests. In this webinar, we highlight the challenges faced by clinical laboratories in ramping up their testing capacity and provide potential solutions. Additionally, we discuss a case study on Enzo Clinical Labs and its ability in managing the COVID-19 clinical testing demand during the outbreak in New York.

Presented by: Albino Troilo
PhD, Sr. Marketing Manager at Enzo

Topic: Clinical

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