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Application Notes

As Scientists Enabling Scientists, Enzo realizes the value in providing relevant application data to our customers in the Life Science and Drug Discovery markets. We work with partners, specializing in specific technology or instrumentation platforms, to bring you examples of our products in action.

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Latest Application Notes

> Autophagy Applications

> Bioprocessing Applications

> Cancer Applications

> Flow Cytometry Applications

> Genomics Applications

> Immunoassay Applications

> Immunohistochemistry Applications

> Metabolism Applications

> Neuroscience Applications

> Predictive Toxicology Application

> Wnt Pathway Application

> Automated Liquid Handling for High Throughput DNA Labeling with CYTAG® SuperCGH Labeling Kit

> A Red-emitting Fluorescent Probe for Rapid Detection of Protein and Peptide Aggregates in Post-mortem Human Brain Tissue Sections from Patients Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

> Monitoring the Accumulation and Clearance of Exogenously Introduced Beta-amyloid in a Cell-Based Model of Alzheimer’s Disease by Fluorescence Microscopy and Fluorescence Microplate Assay

> Validation of Two Steroid Hormone ELISA Kits with Ovine Blood Samples

> Tumor Phenotyping and Immune Cell Regulation using Multiplex IHC

> Sensitivity of Comparative Genomic Hybridization Using Artificial Mosaicism and Small DNA Quantities

> Validation of a Serotonin ELISA Kit with Blood Samples from Three Domestic Animal Species

> Mitochondrial Membrane Potential By Object Spot Counting

> Three-color IHC Staining On Free-floating Sections From Human Brain

> Labeling of Small DNA Quantities With CYTAG® SuperCGH Labeling Kit for Prenatal Diagnostics

> Comparison of Assay Methods for the Detection of Residual Protein A in Biological Therapeutics

> Compatibility of CYTAG® CGH Labeling Kit from Enzo Life Sciences with SurePrint® G3 Human CGH 1x1M Microarrays from Agilent

> Autophagy Analysis Using Object Spot Counting Using Gen5 to Analyze the Size and Number of Autophagosomes Per Nuclei

Thank you to our valuable partners

Enzo Life Sciences welcomes inquiries from commercial partners regarding application development or co-marketing opportunities. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us.


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