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High-Sensitivity DNA Methylation Analysis using EpiMelt Kits and AMPIGENE® HS Taq Mix

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Lise Lotte Hansen, Ph.D. | Co-Founder | MethylDetect ApS
Hartmut B.F. Pohl, Ph.D. | Application Scientist | Enzo Life Sciences

Featured Product: AMPIGENE® HS Taq Mix, CYGREEN® Nucleic Acid Dye


Methylation of mammalian cell DNA is an intensely studied, well-established mechanism involved in epigenetic regulation of gene expression. DNA methylation occurs through the covalent addition of a methyl group at the carbon-5 position of the cytosine ring by DNA methyltransferases, resulting in 5-methylcytosine (5-mC). In humans, 5-mC formation is mostly found within CpG dinucleotides, clustered in CpG-rich regions, known as CpG islands. More than half of the protein-coding genes contain a CpG island spanning their promoter region, with its methylation status frequently being involved in the regulation of transcriptional activity of the gene.
Epigenetic regulation of gene expression through alterations in the methylation of gene promoters plays a significant role during early development, homeostasis, and in disease. Changes in promoter methylation have gained focus as a promising epigenetic biomarker for detection and prognosis, and to aid clinical decisions in various cancer types.


  • Sensitive detection of DNA methylation levels after high-resolution melting analysis
  • Robust, reliable, and reproducible amplification
  • Performance independent of the qPCR-HRM platform

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