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SCREEN-WELL® Wnt Pathway library

Compounds are highly relevant; many are unique
BML-2838-0100 1 Library 100 µl/well 1,882.00 USD
BML-2838-0500 1 Library 500 µl/well 4,507.00 USD
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The SCREEN-WELL® Wnt Pathway library v 2.0 is a focused collection of 71 compounds with defined and diverse Wnt pathway activity, including activators and inhibitors of Wnts, Dishevelled, GSK-3β and other Wnt pathway kinases, TCF/β-catenin, DKK, LRP, Axin, Porcupine, and more. Compounds are dissolved in DMSO at 10mM or 1mM and aliquoted into deep-well plates at 100 or 500µl per well. A variety of structurally and mechanistically different compound classes are included. A useful tool for studying the roles of pro- and anti-Wnt pathway molecules in cells as well as for use in in vitro applications.

Product Details

Contents:71 compounds with defined and diverse Wnt pathway activity.  A variety of structurally and mechanistically different compound classes are included.
Quantity:100 µl/well or 500 µl/well
Concentration:DMSO solutions (10mM) except for Bafilomycin A which is provided at 1mM in DMSO.
Use/Stability:Stable for at least one year from the date of receipt when stored at -80°C.
Handling:Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
Shipping:Dry Ice
Long Term Storage:-80°C
Technical Info/Product Notes:
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

Product Literature References

TFAP2 transcription factors are regulators of lipid droplet biogenesis: C.C. Scott, et al.; Elife 7, e36330 (2018), Abstract; Full Text
ICG-001 affects DRP1 activity and ER stress correlative with its anti-proliferative effect: H. Zinecker, et al.; Oncotarget. 8, 106764 (2017), Abstract; Full Text
Identification of V-ATPase as a molecular sensor of SOX11-levels and potential therapeutic target for mantle cell lymphoma: V.K. Emruli, et al.; BMC Cancer 16, 493 (2016), Application(s): Cell viability measurements, Abstract; Full Text
Identification of novel osteogenic compounds by an ex-vivo sp7:luciferase zebrafish scale assay: E. de Vrieze, et al.; Bone 74C, 106 (2015), Abstract;
An inverse small molecule screen to design a chemically defined medium supporting long-term growth of Drosophila cell lines: M. Burnette, et al.; Mol. Biosyst. 10, 2713 (2014), Abstract; Full Text
Trichostatin A effectively induces apoptosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells via inhibition of Wnt signaling and histone deacetylation: L. Peiffer, et al.; J. Cancer Res. Clin. Oncol. 140, 1283 (2014), Abstract;

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