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Irritation & Corrosion

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Prostaglandins & Other Eicosanoids

Highest Sensitivity, Widely Cited PGE2 ELISA Kits

For over two decades, scientists around the world have used Enzo ELISA kits to reliably detect PGE2 in their samples. Over that time, we’ve continued to improve our kits to enable PGE2 detection with better sensitivity, flexibility, and consistency.

All of the sensitivity. None of the doubt.
Prostaglandin & Eicosanoid ELISA Kits
Prostaglandin & Eicosanoid Antibodies & Biochemicals


Apoptosis & Necrosis

Detect Cell Death in GFP Expressing Cell Lines

The Apoptosis Detection Reagent (Annexin V-Cyanine 3) and Necrosis Detection Reagent (Red) specifically detect cell state with clear spectral separation from GFP signal.

Convenient GFP Compatible Viability Dye

NUCLEAR-ID® Blue/Red dye is detected as blue stained nuclei in live cells and fluorescent-red nuclei in dead cells (inset, arrow).


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