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Comprehensive Solutions for Autophagy

Enabling a Clearer Understanding of Autophagy and Disease Through Innovative Assays

  • Live Cell Analysis Kits
  • Autophagy ELISA Kits
  • Autophagy Antibodies and Proteins

  • Library and Small Molecules

Industry-leading Tools for Analysis of Autophagy

Autophagy definition

Autophagy (literally “self-eating”) is a lysosome-mediated intracellular bulk degradation pathway employed by eukaryotic cells when subjected to certain hostile conditions (such as nutrient deprivation) that triggers digestion and recycling of cellular contents. Various cytoplasmic constituents, including organelles, aggregated proteins, and long-lived proteins are sequestered into double-membrane autophagosomes, which subsequently fuse with lysosomes where their contents are degraded. Autophagic activity is critical to the maintenance of cellular homeostasis and energy balance. Although typically low under basal conditions, autophagy can be markedly upregulated by a variety of physiological stimuli such as nutrient starvation, hypoxia, endoplasmic reticulum stress, as well as immune and hormonal stimulation. Mounting evidence has connected malfunctions in autophagic processes to many clinically relevant diseases including cancer, neurodegeneration, diabetes, autoimmunity, and cardiovascular disease. Development of autophagy-targeting therapies will depend on a deeper understanding of the benefits, and potential consequences, of altering autophagic activity.

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Autophagic Vesicle Formation

Autophagy Pathway

Autophagy Pathway

Autophagy Detection

Live Cell Analysis Kits

Robust live cell analysis kits for quantitative detection of autophagy, aggresomes, lysosomal perturbations, and more.

Autophagy ELISA Kits

Sensitive p62 ELISA Kit allows for quantitative, immunometric detection of the autophagy biomarkers in human, rat and mouse cell lysates. The p62 protein has a dual functionality as both a scaffold protein and aiding in trafficking for protein degradation. ELISA kits enable quantitative measurement of autophagy without the need for expensive equipment or long procedures.

  • Sensitive assays measure as little as 100 pg/mL of p62
  • Fully quantitative results surpass semi-quantitative Western blot analysis
  • High throughput format allows analysis of up to 40 samples in duplicate in less than 3 hours
  • Easy-to-follow protocols and liquid color-coded reagents save time and reduce errors

Autophagy Antibodies and Proteins

Enzo Life Sciences offers a large selection of autophagy related purified proteins and highly validated monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against peptides, whole or partial proteins, and modified peptides or proteins. Many of the antibodies are also available as conjugates to enzyme or fluorescent labels, expanding their utility in a variety of common applications including Western blot, flow cytometry, IHC, ICC, IF, IP, and more.

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HTS Profiling Method for Autophagy-Modulators

Autophagy Modulation

Autophagy Library and Pathway Modulators

The Enzo autophagy compound library is a curated collection of 96 activators and inhibitors of autophagy. The ready-to-screen library is thoroughly researched by our chemists, and all of the individual compounds included are available for resupply. In addition, many common autophagy inhibitors and activators such as those listed below are available for purchase as standard catalog items.

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