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DNA Regulation & Transcription

  • DNA Damage ELISA Kit
  • COMET SCGE Assay Kit
  • NUCLEAR-ID® Cell Cycle Analysis Kits

Characterize Gene Regulatory Targets

The Enzo Life Sciences’ portfolio of reagents for transcription factors and epigenetic regulation, allows detailed characterization of gene regulatory targets like nuclear receptors, p53, NFkB, HDACs, HATs, DNMTs and more. In addition, we offer the most extensive offering of PARP reagents for DNA repair as well as many natural products & antibiotics that have evolved to inhibit replication, helicases, telomerases and topoisomerases that maintain DNA and basal transcription.


DNA Damage & Content Analysis

DNA Damage ELISA Kit

The DNA Damage ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is a fast and sensitive immunoassay providing results in less than 2.5 hours. Quantitation of 8- hydroxy-2’-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) in urine, serum, and saliva samples is performed in a convenient 96-well plate format using a colorimetric substrate. 8-OHdG is a frequently-used critical biomarker of oxidative stress and carcinogenesis.

  • Quantify levels < 1 ng/ml
  • Validated in-house in a variety of sample matrices
  • Tested in a variety of biofluids (urine, serum, and saliva)
  • Convenient colorimetric 96-well plate format


Sensitive and versatile method for measuring single- and double-strand DNA breaks in individual cells.
The COMET SCGE Assay is a fast and simple electrophoresis method to detect and quantitate DNA fragmentation in cells associated with DNA damage and apoptosis. A unique nucleic acid stain provides improved sensitivity for DNA visualization compared to ethidium bromide.

  • Ready-to-use Comet Slides allow direct application of sample without pretreatment
  • Shorter assay time allows for higher throughput sample analysis
  • Hydrophobic barrier allows sample treatment with DNA repair enzymes
  • Unique nucleic acid stain provides improved sensitivity for DNA visualization compared to ethidium bromide

NUCLEAR-ID® Cell Cycle Analysis Kits

Highly permeable fluorescent dyes for DNA content analysis in live or fixed cells.

  • Intercalating dye with superior permeability in live cells
  • Dye functional over a wide range of cell densities, incubation time, and temperature eliminating optimization required with other dyes
  • Easy no-wash, mix and read protocol
  • Dyes excitable with standard 488nm laser

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