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Gene Expression Analysis

Maximize Genomic Data with Minimal Sample Input

Enzo Life sciences is a recognized pioneer and innovator of life sciences tools, backed by patented DNA and RNA labeling chemistries for genomics research and development. Using our unique offering of kits for genomic analysis, the stability of long-term stem cell cultures can be closely monitored for genomic integrity or expression levels of stem cell markers can be detected to assess the state of differentiation.

CGH Labeling Kit for Oligonucleotide Arrays

This kit offers superior results for better understanding of stem cell cancers caused by genomic DNA copy number variations

  • Perform total genomic DNA analysis without amplification or complexity reduction
  • Increase resolution for comprehensive, unbiased analysis of DNA copy number changes
  • Produce superior DLR scores (0.09-0.12) that exceed industry standards

Enzo’s proprietary labeling technology delivers excellent DNA yields with superior dye incorporation leading to the highest specific activity of labeling.

<b>Figure 1:</b> Four replicate 500-ng DNA samples were labeled with Enzo’s CGH Labeling Kit for Oligo Arrays or a leading competitor’s kits. Enzo’s proprietary labeling technology generates the highest specific activity of labeling.

BioArray High Yield RNA Transcript Labeling Kit

High incorporation efficiency ensures more reproducible results for cells at various stages of differentiation

  • Produce high-yield biotin-labeled RNA targets for hybridization
  • In vitro transcription using bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase promoters
  • Correlate results from experiment-to-experiment with confidence

BioArray Low Input RNA Amplification and Biotin Labeling System

Accurate transcript analysis using limiting quantities of total RNA from low abundance stem cell targets

  • Generate sufficient aRNA for microarray with just 20 ng of total input RNA
  • Amplify and label in a single tube
  • Produce superior 3’/5’ transcript ratios with efficient in vitro transcription

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