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Live Cell Analysis

Multiplex Analysis of Cell Fate and Differentiation by Flow Cytometry

Our fluorescent probe-based assays and high-specificity antibodies enable multiplex characterization of stem cell populations, including real-time functional assays to assess cell viability, cell death, and toxicity by flow cytometry. Our GFP-Certified™ dyes enable simultaneous functional analysis in GFP-expressing cells or with other green-emitting dyes/labels.

Stem Cells

Nuclear-ID™ Red Cell Cycle Kit (GFP-Certified™)

  • Brighter, more stable red fluorescence yields improved sensitivity
  • Highly cell permeable dye minimizes cell density optimization
  • Suitable for multiplexing with green fluorophores, including GFP and FITC
  • Available as a complete kit with controls or as a stand-alone dye

Brightest Dye for Cell Cycle Analysis

GFP-Certified™ Apoptosis/Necrosis Detection Kit

  • True multiplexing capabilities with GFP and other green fluorescent probes
  • Optimized for both fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry applications
  • Assess effects of stem cell isolation and preservation techniques, drug treatment effects, reprogramming modulators

Detect Cell Death in GFP Expressing Cell Lines

Red nuclear dye acts as a marker of necrosis (loss of membrane integrity), while gold-labeled Annexin V detects apoptosis.


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