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Akt Pathway Discovery

From Target Selection to Lead Profiling

Optimized solutions ensure higher quality hits resulting in fewer false leads

The Akt/PKB pathway is a popular target since it sits at the crossroads of both oncogenic and tumor suppressor signaling pathways. Enzo provides novel tools to help support cancer discovery from target selection, hit-to-lead discovery, and lead profiling.

SCREEN-WELL® Kinase Inhibitor Library

Benchmarks against 80 known kinase inhibitors with well-defined activity

Wortmannin, a PI 3-Kinase inhibitor
PKA, PKB, PKC Kinase Activity Assays

Minimize false positives or negatives seen with fluorescent compounds

Analysis of purified PKB activity

High specifi city and low background fluorescent probes for live cell analysis

Multiplex assay that distinguishes between apoptosis and necrosis

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