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Clear Results With Innovative Nucleic Acid Labeling

Enabling Solutions for Genomics Analysis

Enzo Life Sciences is a recognized pioneer and innovator of life sciences tools, backed by patented DNA and RNA labeling chemistries for genomics research and development. The pillar of our molecular biology portfolio is our comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) kit, a powerful platform for detecting DNA copy number gains and losses associated with chromosome abnormalities. aCGH provides a greater understanding and characterization of genetic disorders, cancers, and other genomic aberrations.

Supporting our aCGH kits are a variety of everyday-use molecular biology products designed to maximize the quantity and quality of data generated from your valuable samples. These include RNA and DNA amplification kits, as well as labeling systems and modified nucleotides designed for creating biotin- or fluorophore-labeled nucleic acid probes for a variety of applications and detection platforms. The products have been specifically designed to provide optimal performance in nick translation reactions or with Agilent® arrays.

To further support your analysis of chromosomal and genomic structure Enzo Life Sciences provides all the materials needed (dye- or biotin-labeled nucleotides, nick translation kits, hybridization solutions and development chemistry) to generate the highest quality fluorescence or chromogenic in situ hybridizations experiments.


Genomic DNA Amplification & Labeling

Enable Proven, Consistent aCGH

Array-based comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) is a powerful tool for detecting gene copy number gains and losses associated with chromosome abnormalities. Detecting chromosomal aberrations by aCGH is faster, more robust and provides superior results over other technologies such as FISH and G-banding karyotyping, thus providing a greater understanding of the role of chromosomal changes in genetic diseases and cancers. Enzo superior labeling technology yields the industry’s most consistent CGH results.

BIOSCORE™ Screening and Amplification Kit.

Don’t waste time or materials on samples unsuitable for arrays. Our dual-purpose BIOSCORE™ Screening and Amplification kit utilizes a novel whole genome amplification (WGA) method to identify genomic DNA samples that are suitable for microarray analysis prior to labeling and to predict sample performance with virtually 100% predictability. The kit discriminates FFPE DNA quality based on the yield of amplification product produced in one-hour via an isothermal WGA reaction that is capable of generating more than 10 μg of DNA from 100 ng high-quality template DNA (isolated starting material). Genomic DNA isolated from any source can serve as the template in an amplification reaction.

Gold-Standard 3’OH Terminal Labeling

The BIOARRAY™ 3’-OH Terminal Labeling kit is considered the benchmark standard end-labeling system for use with Affymetrix® DNA SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism), resequencing and prokaryotic microarrays. This method uses Bio-ddUTP and terminal deoxynucleotide transferase to catalyze the addition of a single biotin-ddUMP (2’,3’-dideoxyuridine 5’-monophosphate) to the 3’-OH terminus of an amplified and fragmented target DNA molecule.



Our AMPIGENE® Taq Mixes and RT-PCR Kit are optimized to provide simple solutions for your standard PCR experiments. AMPIGENE® Mixes and Kits come in a variety of flexible formats that suit your sample type to enable easy PCR and RT-PCR.

AMPIGENE® qPCR Solutions

We offer AMPIGENE® qPCR Kits and Mixes for both dye-based and probe -based real-time PCR. Enhanced buffers with stabilizers prevent the formation of primers/dimers to ensure sensitive and specific results for your qPCR and RT-qPCR applications.

DNA Decontamination Solutions

The PCR Decontamination Kit removes DNA contamination from PCR mastermixes while the gDNA Removal Kit removes DNA contamination from RNA preps. Both utilize a specific dsDNase that is irreversibly inactivated, leaving the other components unaffected

RNA Amplification & Labeling

BIOARRAY™ Amplification & Labeling Kits

Our Single Round RNA Amplification and Biotin Labeling System produces greater biotin incorporation and brighter signal, making it the best choice for routine GeneChip® analysis.

Analyze Limiting Quantities of Total RNA

Don’t let the quantity of starting material limit your assay. Our BIOARRAY™ Low Input RNA Amplification and Biotin Labeling System generates sufficient biotin labeled aRNA from as little as 20ng of total input RNA.

In situ Hybridization

PATHO-GENE® & BIOPROBE® Virus Detection Assays

PATHO-GENE® Human Papillomavirus in situ typing assays for sensitive detection of pathogen-expressed genes from fresh or FFPE tissue sections
The assays employ separate mixtures of biotin-labeled Human Papillomavirus (HPV)-specific probes to detect and identify HPV/DNA-infected biopsy tissue sections. The identifying probes are HPV types 6/11 (benign lesions), 16/18 (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia [CIN] and carcinoma in situ [CIS]), or 31/33/51 (condyloma or cervical intraepithelial neoplasia [CIN] and carcinoma in situ [CIS]).


Flow cytometry based assay for the single cell detection of mRNAs for HPV oncoproteins E6 and E7

The assay employs a novel in situ hybridization technique utilizing a cocktail of probes specific to multiple sites within the E6 and E7 genes to ensure the detection of mRNA transcripts associated with the most prevalent high risk HPV genotypes.


Labeling & Detection Systems

BIOPROBE® Labeling Systems
BIOPROBE® Nick Translation Systems
BIOPROBE® Random Primed Labeling Systems

Hybridization Reagents & Buffers

Detection Systems
SIMPLYSENSITIVE® In Situ Detection Systems
ULTRASENSITIVE® Enhanced In Situ Detection Systems

DNA Purification

PCR & Gel clean-up columns

PCR & Gel clean-up columns use silica membrane technology in a mini spin column format to deliver easy and efficient DNA purification from PCR products, agarose gels, and labeling reactions.

  • High recoveries for fragments down to 50 bp
  • Small elution volume down to 15 µl
  • Binding buffer with pH indicator
  • Validated for use with CGH labeling kit

BIOARRAY™ cDNA purification kit

The cDNA purification kit provides a fast, efficient and convenient method for purification of double stranded cDNA and removes salts, proteins, nucleotides and small oligos from the upstream enzymatic reactions.

  • Improved formulations of binding buffer and wash solution allow higher yield of purified cDNA product
  • Small elution volume down to 6 µL
  • Purifies a maximum of 5 µg cDNA material ranging in size from 75 bp to 23 kb.

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New Products

N6-methyladenosine monoclonal antibody (17-3-4-1)
Used to identify and purify methylated RNA and ssDNA.
EQ0 NHS ester
Amine-reactive quencher dye
BIO-PROBE® Lambda probe
Negative control probe for in situ hybridization
EQ1 NHS ester
Amine-reactive quencher dye
EQ2 NHS ester
Amine-reactive quencher dye

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