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Microarray Labeling

Superior Labeling Solutions for Microarrays

Microarrays enable the analysis of thousands of mutations or gene expression changes in a high-throughput format. An enormous amount of high-quality data can be quickly collected to address a vast diversity of needs from targeted to genome-wide analysis, for both RNA and DNA.

Enzo Life Sciences provides labeling solutions to amplify and label nucleic acids to prepare them for hybridization to microarrays. Our flagship CYTAG® CGH Labeling Kit is a superior dye-based labeling kit for CGH microarrays, while our CYTAG® TotalCGH Labeling Kit also contains components needed to label DNA for CGH+SNP microarray analysis. Our newest addition to the CYTAG® line is our CYTAG® SuperCGH Labeling Kit for high-efficiency labeling of precious low input samples down to 50 ng. In addition, our BIOARRAY® Amplification & Labeling Kits are the gold standard choice for biotin-based gene expression arrays.


Enable Proven, Consistent array CGH

Superior labeling yields the most reliable results

Built on over 40 years of genomics and molecular biology experience, the proprietary technology in Enzo aCGH labeling kits reduces reaction failure rates, and produces the most reliable results.

  • Superior dye incorporation minimizes sample DNA input
  • Optimized labeling yields the industry’s lowest DLR scores
  • Labeling kits for standard CGH, CGH+SNP, and CGH for low input samples

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CYTAG® CGH Labeling Kits

RNA Amplification & Labeling

BIOARRAY™ Amplification & Labeling Kits

Our Single Round RNA Amplification and Biotin Labeling System produces greater biotin incorporation and brighter signal, making it the best choice for routine GeneChip® analysis.

Analyze Limiting Quantities of Total RNA

Don’t let the quantity of starting material limit your assay. Our BIOARRAY™ Low Input RNA Amplification and Biotin Labeling System generates sufficient biotin labeled aRNA from as little as 20ng of total input RNA.

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