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Enzo Life Sciences is a recognized pioneer in labeling and detection, backed by innovative patents in nucleic acid labeling. Our expertise in molecular biology is demonstrated in the design of our unique PCR-based technologies. We offer traditional PCR and qPCR kits in the AMPIGENE® portfolio, while our patented AMPIPROBE® technology is incorporated into novel qPCR assays for a price-sensitive diagnostic market.

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Enzo's Innovative PCR based Technologies

AMPIPROBE® Nucleic Acid Detection

AMPIPROBE® incorporates Enzo’s proprietary primer design in a unique qPCR platform that enables sensitive detection of nucleic acids. A low-cost alternative in a price-sensitive market, AMPIPROBE® assay kits are designed for clinically relevant targets. Enzo’s landmark AMPIPROBE® assay, the AMPIPROBE® HCV assay kit, is a sensitive qPCR assay to measure Hepatitis C viral load.

Enzo's AMPIPROBE® Technology

  • RT-qPCR
  • Incorporates probe detection technology in primer design
    • Fluorescent reporter-labeled primers
    • Quencher-labeled primers
  • Enzo’s AMPIPROBE® Assay Kits provide the following benefits:
    • Compatible with open qPCR platforms
    • Smaller sample input allows remaining extracted samples to be used in other tests
    • Smaller reaction volume consumes less reagents

AMPIGENE® PCR and qPCR Solutions

Enzo offers solutions for both traditional PCR and qPCR. Our AMPIGENE® Taq Mixes and RT-PCR Kit are optimized for standard PCR experiments and come in a variety of flexible formats to enable easy PCR and RT-PCR. In addition, we offer AMPIGENE® qPCR Kits and Mixes for both dye-based and probe-based real-time PCR. Enhanced buffers with stabilizers prevent the formation of primers/dimers to ensure sensitive and specific results for your qPCR and RT-qPCR applications.

A Complete Range of Solutions

  • AMPIGENE® Taq Mixes and DNA Polymerases
  • AMPIGENE® 1-Step RT-PCR Kit
  • AMPIGENE® qPCR Mixes
  • AMPIGENE® qPCR 1-Step Kits
  • AMPIGENE® DNA Ladders
  • CYGREEN® Nucleic Acid Dye
  • EQ Quencher Dyes for FRET Applications
  • DNA Decontamination Solutions
  • PCR Clean-up


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