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For decades, immunohistochemistry (IHC) has been an invaluable tool for the detection, localization, and quantification of antigens in preserved tissue for research and diagnostic purposes. Continuing our position as a leader in detection technologies, Enzo Life Sciences offers a complete set of tools to help improve the quality and efficiency of your IHC process from start to finish. Our high-sensitivity, low background reagents, combined with the market’s most extensive palette of unique chromogens provide the flexibility needed for simple or complex protocols. Our convenient kits, an extensive catalog of IHC validated antibodies, and high definition chromogens enable accurate, reproducible multiplex detection of two or more antigens in the same sample, increasing efficiency and preserving precious tissue samples.

Complete Kits & Flexible Reagents for Immunohistochemistry


  • Diverse set of 11 tissues
  • Reactivity for over 130
  • Rapid, inexpensive
    screening tools


  • Conserve precious
  • Reduce reagent costs
  • Convenient kit format


  • High sensitivity, low background
  • Vibrant, unique chromogens
  • Ancillary reagents


Convenient Tools for Complex Protocols

Detection Kits

Superior MULTIVIEW® IHC kits for efficient detection of multiple antigens in a single tissue sample.

Detection Reagents

Highest sensitivity, lowest background POLYVIEW® nanopolymer detection reagent for use with HIGHDEF® chromogens.

Detection Kits

High sensitivity, low background SAVIEW® IHC detection kits.

Tissue Microarray

Our unique MULTIVIEW® Universal Tissue Microarrays enable rapid IHC screening of 11 different tissue specimens on a single slide.

An Unrivaled Selection of High Definition Chromogens

Enzo offers the broadest (and expanding) palette of colors to choose from, giving you the ultimate flexibility in planning your multiplex Immunohistochemistry protocol.

  • Widest panel of color choices
  • Unique yellow, black and blue HRP chromogen
  • Increased flexibility with HRP & AP options
  • High definition color development

Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded human tonsil stained with pre-diluted mouse CD68 antibody labeled with HIGHDEF® IHC chromogen substrate (DAB, HC) (Prod. no. ADI-950-211, brown), pre-diluted rabbit lambda light-chain antibody labeled with HIGHDEF® blue IHC chromogen (AP) (Prod. no. ADI-950-150, blue), pre-diluted rabbit kappa light-chain antibody labeled with HIGHDEF® red IHC chromogen (AP, plus) (Prod. no. ADI-950-141, red), high molecular weight cytokeratin labeled with HIGHDEF® yellow IHC chromogen (HRP) (Prod. no. ADI-950-170, yellow), and methyl green nuclear counterstain.


Detect With Confidence: Worry-Free IHC Antibodies

Our growing list of over 1000 IHC validated antibodies includes those for the detection of key signaling proteins, cell surface markers, mediators of cell death, oxidative stress, heat shock proteins, proteasomes, and more. We know IHC optimization can be a time and resource consuming endeavor. You can back any of our antibodies with our Worry-Free Antibody Trial Program, even those not validated for IHC.

Search for IHC Validated Antibodies

Neuroscience Antibodies for IHC

Download our brochure featuring IHC validated antibodies for neuroscience.

Product Flyers
Neuroscience Antibodies for IHC
Neuroscience Antibodies for IHC
Download as PDF

Providing the Whole Assay: Retrieval to Coverslip

No need to go anywhere else for the ancillary reagents and materials you need for your IHC process. Enzo offers a broad selection of components to enhance your data and simplify your ordering process at the same time.

Antigen Retrieval Reagents Dilutents & Salts Chromogen Enhancers Chromogen Enhancers Mounting Medium

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Product Flyers
Download as PDF
Product Flyers
Neuroscience Antibodies for IHC
Neuroscience Antibodies for IHC
Download as PDF

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