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Cyanine 5-NHS ester pack

ENZ-42542 12x50 nmol 163.00 USD
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Enzo cyanine 5 NHS-ester is a reactive, water-soluble fluorescent dye that provides bright red signal. The dye can be chemically linked to either nucleic acids or proteins and is suitable for a wide variety of applications including microarray analysis and protein tagging. In microarray experiments, DNA or RNA samples are labeled with the cyanine 3 and cyanine 5 dyes for differential display analysis. Since NHS esters react only with aliphatic amine groups, which nucleic acids lack, nucleotides must be modified first with aminoallyl groups thru incorporating aminoallyl-modified nucleotides during synthesis. Alternatively, labeling can be performed directly by nick translation using cyanine dUTPs (Gold 550 dUTP, Prod. No. ENZ-42521, and Red 580 dUTP, Prod. No. ENZ-42844). For protein labeling, it is critical to control the number of dye molecules affixed per protein to maintain maximal activity. For example, no more than 8 dye molecules should be bound per antibody molecule, while annexin V will only tolerate 1-2 dye molecules per protein without loss of activity. Wavelength Maxima: Excitation 650nm, Emission 664nm

Product Specification

Handling:Protect from moisture. Protect from light.
Shipping:Shipped on Blue Ice
Long Term Storage:+4°C
Technical Info/Product Notes:This product is a member of the CELLESTIAL® product line, reagents and assay kits comprising fluorescent molecular probes that have been extensively benchmarked for live cell analysis applications. CELLESTIAL® reagents and kits are optimal for use in demanding imaging applications, such as confocal microscopy, flow cytometry and HCS, where consistency and reproducibility are required.

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