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Sulforhodamine multiCaspase activity kit

BML-AK115-0001 100 tests 853.00 USD
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The Sulforhodamine Multi-Caspase Activity Kit detects apoptosis through the covalent binding of a red fluorescent probe to active caspase enzymes in living cells. The sulforhodamine-labeled caspase inhibitor probe (SR-VAD-FMK; excitation at 550 nm and emission at 595 nm), comprising a sulforhodamine derivative of valylalanylaspartic acid fluoromethyl ketone (VAD-FMK), covalently binds to the reactive cysteine (Cys 285) on the large subunit of active caspase heterodimers. This probe is both cell permeable and non-cytotoxic during the time of the labeling procedure and allows detection of apoptosis by fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, and 96-well-plate based fluorometry. Use of the fluorescence microscope provides a qualitative view of the level of apoptosis induced as compared to the use of a fluorometer or a flow cytometer which will generate quantitative data. One kit includes enough reagent to test 100 samples. The Carboxyfluorescein Multi-Caspase Activity Kit for Apoptosis Detection is a related kit that contains a carboxyfluoroscein-labeled probe (Ex: 490 nm, Em: 520 nm).

Product Details

Applications:Fluorescent detection, HTS
Activity assay
Shipping:Blue Ice Not Frozen
Long Term Storage:+4°C
Contents:SR-VAD-FMK Reagent, lyophilized, 10X Wash Buffer, Fixative, Hoechst Stain.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

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