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Laminin receptor precursor (37kDa) (human) monoclonal antibody (MPLR2)

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Product Details

Alternative Name:Multidrug resistance-associated protein MGr1-Ag, 37-kDa laminin receptor precursor, 37LRP, p40 ribosome-associated protein
Immunogen:Recombinant human 37kDa-laminin receptor precursor (37LRP).
UniProt ID:P08865
Species reactivity:Human
Specificity:Recognizes human 37kDa laminin receptor precursor. Depending on solubilization, can also recognize the 67kDa mature form of the laminin receptor (67LR).
Application Notes:Detects a band of ~37kDa by Western blot.
Formulation:Liquid. Purified antibody containing 150mM sodium chloride and 0.02% sodium azide, pH 7.4.
Handling:Do not freeze.
Shipping:Blue Ice
Long Term Storage:+4°C
Scientific Background:The interactions between tumor cells and laminin or other components of the extracellular matrix have been shown to play an important role in tumor invasion and metastasis. They are mediated by different cell surface molecules such as the 67kD laminin receptor (67LR; laminin receptor 1), a protein derived from a smaller precursor, the 37LRP. In addition to its role as laminin receptor, 67LR also acts as a receptor for viruses and is involved with internalization of the prion protein.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

Product Literature References

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General Literature References

The 67 kDa laminin receptor: structure, function and role in disease: J. Nelson, et al.; Biosci. Rep. 28, 33 (2008), Abstract; Full Text

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