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Retinoic acid receptor ligand
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All-Trans Retinoic Acid (ATRA; Prod. No. BML-GR100) is often employed in cell culture to induce stem cell differentiation or enhance the growth, differentiation and maintenance of neural cell types. It is frequently included as a component of many commercially available culture supplements. Whilst it is a well-used differentiating agent, ATRA is unstable and exposure to light and other factors such as temperature and oxidation render the molecule susceptible to isomerisation, leading to molecular degradation into a mixture of retinoid isomers. This is particularly problematic in cell culture where users cannot be certain of the concentration of intact ATRA. It is also an important issue to stem cell biologists using ATRA to control cell differentiation in vitro since certain developmental responses are regulated in a concentration dependent manner.

ec23 is a stable, synthetic, retinoid which potently induces pluripotent stem cell differentiation. ec23 is a more potent inducer of neurogenesis than ATRA (see Figure) and potently induces tissue formation in chick embryos.

Product Specification

Alternative Name:4-(5,5,8,8-Tetramethyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydronaphthalen-2-ylethynyl) benzoic acid
Purity:≥99% (HPLC)
Appearance:White to off-white lyophilised amorphous solid.
Solubility:Soluble in DMSO (10mg/ml). Limited solubility in water or 95% ethanol (0.33mg/ml); vortex to dissolve.
Long Term Storage:Ambient
Use/Stability:Stock solutions are stable at room temperature for long periods without the need to protect from light or store under inert gas. Storage at 4ºC is not likely to reduce efficacy. 
Dilutions from the stock solution can be made in aqueous media, includi
Technical Info/Product Notes:Dilutions from the stock solution (see SOLUBILITY above) can be made in aqueous media, including cell culture growth media. ec23 is effective over a broad range of concentrations, but typically within the range 100nM-10µM when used on cells in culture.

ec23 is manufactured and packaged by the patent holder (Reinnervate Ltd, UK). 

The ec23 device is a trademark of Reinnervate Ltd.  Enzo Life Sciences has a worldwide licence to distribute ec23 for research use only.
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BML-EC23 02

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