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New Products

VEGF (human), ELISA kit
Ultra-sensitive ELISA kit for the quantitative detection of human VEGF with 100% cross reactivity to VEGF 165 and negligible cross-reactivity to VEGF 121 and an assay time of just 2.5 hours
N6-methyladenosine monoclonal antibody (17-3-4-1)
Used to identify and purify methylated RNA and ssDNA.
Renin (human), (recombinant) (active)
Highly specific active enzyme cleaves angiotensinogen to yield angiotensin I
IFN-α-2b (human), (recombinant) (active)
Active enzyme with antiviral and antiproliferative properties.
Melatonin ELISA Kit
Ultra-sensitive Melatonin ELISA kit enabling detection of Melatonin in saliva, serum, plasma, and fruit homogenates in just 2 hours.

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