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Guide to Optimizing Protein Characterization

For over 40 years Enzo has developed and manufactured kits, reagents, biochemicals and biologicals. As Scientists enabling Healthcare™, we recognize the value in sharing our expertise and providing relevant information to our customers working in the fields of life sciences, drug development and clinical research.

We are excited to announce our new ‘Guide to Optimizing Protein Characterization’ that takes an in depth look at different methods for monitoring protein stability, recommendations for detecting protein aggregation, examples of these guidelines being applied and more:

  • Current Food and Drug Administration Guidelines
  • How to Determine Protein Stability
  • Methods for Detecting Protein Aggregates
  • Development and Specificity of the PROTEOSTAT® Dye
  • Using PROTEOSTAT® for a Rapid Detection and Characterization of Protein Aggregates by Flow Cytometry
  • Detection of Bacterial Aggregates by Flow Cytometry
  • Using PROTEOSTAT® Reagents to Predict Aggregation
  • Propensity and Monitor Aggregation of Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC)

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