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Potential Breast Cancer Treatment Target

Breast cancer, like other cancers, can occur due to genetic and environmental factors. Most types of breast cancer are easy to diagnose and can be classified by several stages that can indicate the prognosis and treatment required. We have previously reported on what we know about breast cancer biomarkers and targeting epigenetic proteins to prevent breast cancer and other new potential breast cancer treatment options for triple negative breast cancer. Gene activity can vary between patients, making it difficult to identify elusive cancer-promoting genes to target.

Stem Cells
In a recent report, transcriptional heterogeneity in tumor and normal mRNA expression profiles were developed that identified oncogene candidates that were overexpressed in breast tumors. This statistical approach can potentially reveal previously elusive genes that promote cancer. By analyzing breast cancer data, the researchers identified 5 genes that were overexpressed. The most promising target was Chromobox 2 (CBX2), which is present in low levels in healthy tissue but in high levels in breast cancer tissue. CBX2 overexpression is associated with the upregulation of genes for cell cycle progression. When the gene was switched off in the cancer cell line, it led to a reduced growth rate. This observation suggests that CBX2 may promote breast cancer cell growth. Future studies are needed to further explore the potential therapeutic of targeting CBX2 against breast cancer.
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