Human spinal cord motor neuron
Image from Beibei Zhao - University of Toronto (CA)

The Rolling Stones symbol in Nipah infected pulmonary vasculature
Image from Hailey Halliday - UTMB (USA)

Primary reactive astroglia
Image from Oksana KUZNETSOVA - Laboratory of Cell Biology, UCL (BE)

Double labeling between Myelin Basic Protein and Calbindin
Image from Tiago Savignon - Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (BRA)

Epithelial cells of an intact mouse heart
Image from Blake Nichols - UC Davis, Pharmacology (USA)

Blood vessel contacted by astrocytes
Image from Elias Gebara - University of lausanne (Switzerland)

Co-culture of astrocytes and stem cells
Image from Sebastien Sultan - University of lausanne (Switzerland)

Ghostly Glia
Image from Chris Henstridge - MTA KOKI (Hungary)

Giving breast cancer the boot!
Image from Katerina Fagan-Solis - North Carolina Central University (USA)

Monocytes love LPS
Image from Brigitte Kasper - Forschungszentrum Borstel (Germany)