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Proteolysis & Protein Degradation

Proteolysis & Protein Degradation

The over 500 proteases that have been identified in the genome comprise a diverse enzyme family critical for many vital processes. Lysosomal proteases (e.g. cathepsins) and the proteasome comprise the degradative pathways for protein turnover, misfolded and damaged proteins, and thus are major contributors to protein homeostasis, i.e. proteostasis. In contrast, precise and limited proteolysis (e.g. MMPs, ADAMs, caspases, DPPIV) are increasingly recognized as an important form of regulation that activates or inactivates many signaling targets including other proteases, growth factors and peptides.


Serine Proteases and Cancer

Serine Proteases as Cancer Biomarkers

Enzo Life Sciences offers more than 40 unique serine protease related products specifically related to cancer biomarker discovery, with emphasis on key family members identified as markers of early stage ovarian, breast, prostate and lung cancer (see table).

  • High-sensitivity, easy-to use and rapid ELISA kits
  • Ready-to-user proteins for use as ELISA or Western blot standards
  • Exclusive antibodies created against native proteins


Proteasome Research

Proteasome ELISA kit

The only commercially available kit for proteasome quantification.
This kit provides the means to quantify 20S proteasome concentrations in biological samples using a sandwich ELISA technique, utilizing two 20S proteasome specific antibodies for capture and detection purposes together with a highly sensitive substrate. Sample 20S proteasome levels are determined by comparison to a 20S proteasome calibration curve produced in parallel.


Comprehensive Solutions for Autophagy

Immunoassay Kits
Sensitive ELISA kits for measuring autophagy biomarkers NBR1 and p62.

Library and Small Molecules
Wide selection of small molecule activators and inhibitors of autophagy, including our curated Autophagy Compound Library.

CELLESTIALâ„¢ Live Cell Analysis Kits
Robust live cell analysis kits for quantitative detection of autophagy, aggresomes, lysosomal perturbations, and more.

MMP Activity Assays

Redder MMP Substrates. Better Activity Assays

The MMP RED and GREEN Drug Discovery Kits are complete assay systems designed to screen MMP inhibitors, using long-wavelength quenched fluorogenic substrates. The assays are performed in a convenient 96-well microplate format, with the compound NNGH [1] also included as a prototypic control inhibitor.

  • Improved red-shifted substrate with better kinetics and brighter signal
  • Includes active recombinant enzyme, substrate, and assay buffer
  • Convenient real-time kinetics of cleavage is easily determined
  • Microplate format for high-throughput screening


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