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Enzyme Activity Assays

Screen Enzyme Modulators With Innovative Assays

Our decades of experience in the design and manufacture of active enzymes and their substrates supports development of an ever-expanding portfolio of biochemical assays. Our menu of scalable enzyme activity assays is anchored by our FLUOR DE LYS® deacetylase assay platform, featuring kits for screening modulators of HDAC and Sirtuin activity. We also offer FRET-based assays for matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and caspase activity, as well as phospho-specific antibody-based kinase assays. These assays exemplify the synergy of Enzo capabilities, assembling small peptide, active recombinant protein synthesis, fluorescent labeling and detection technologies, and antibody development into robust, reproducible assay kits.

  • Quality – High activity, high purity recombinant enzymes for high-quality hits
  • Flexibility – Bulk enzymes and substrates available for post-screening studies
  • Innovation – Patented substrate/developer chemistries in a variety of readout formats

Modified Substrate-Based Format

Convenient Screening Formats From The Pioneer In Non-Radioactive HDAC & Sirtuin Assays

For over a decade, the FLUOR DE LYS® deacetylase assay platform has revolutionized assay of HDAC & Sirtuin enzyme activity, freeing researchers from cumbersome protocols required with radiolabeled or other modified histone-based methods. Our high-quality assays utilize patented substrate/developer chemistry in combination with high-activity, high-purity enzymes, to deliver more high-quality hits. Broad-class HDAC/Sirtuin screening assays are available in chemiluminescent, fluorescent, and colorimetric formats.

Flexible HDAC & Sirtuin Assays

  • Non-radioactive, homogeneous, HTS compatible formats
  • Green & chemiluminescent assays available to minimize interference
  • Assay all HDAC classes from multiple sources
  • High-activity, in-house manufactured control enzymes
  • Widely cited in peer- reviewed literature



Ideal for cross-validation of fluorescent assay


Robust fluorescent screening assays


Option for standard absorbance plate readers

FRET-Based Format

Our ultra-sensitive, long wavelength fluorogenic MMP substrates reduce assay interference.


Antibody-Based Format


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