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Cellular Assays

Visualize Cellular Responses

High-specificity, next-generation fluorescent dyes for visualizing cellular responses.

Our panel of CELLESTIAL® fluorescence-based live cell assays is built upon our extensive expertise in the design and synthesis of fluorescent probes. From simple organelle specific dyes for imaging cell structure and determining cell viability, to more complex dyes for evaluating cell signaling and death pathways, each of our probes is developed to provide sensitivity, specificity, and convenience.

  • Convenient – Increased photostability reduces photobleaching
  • Specific – Reduce false positives by eliminating non-specific dye-associated artifacts
  • Flexible – Compatible with common dyes and fluorescent markers (i.e., GFP) for multiplex analysis
  • Consistent – Optimized for reproducibility on microplate, flow cytometry, or fluorescent microscopy platforms

Cell Death & Autophagy Cellular Analysis Kits

Discover our portfolio of flexible dyes for monitoring programmed cell death pathways

CELLESTIAL assays for monitoring compound effects on apoptosis, autophagy and necrosis include monitoring of annexin V redistribution, nuclear condensation, autophagosome generation and loss of plasma membrane integrity.


Featured Products

Apoptosis/Necrosis Detection Kit (GFP-CERTIFIED®)

GFP-compatible multiplex assay for distinguishing between healthy, early apoptotic, late apoptotic and necrotic cells.

Detect Cell Death in GFP Expressing Cell Lines

CYTO-ID® Autophagy Detection Kit

A no-transfection quantitative assay for monitoring autophagy in live cells.

Quantify Autophagic Vesicles with Minimal Background.


Cell Function & Viability

Enzo provides information-rich tools to quantify a range of functional responses in living cells.

In addition to morphology, subcellular organelle functional response is a useful parameter for assessing cellular physiology. This includes phenomena such as nuclear DNA replication during cell cycle progression, receptor-triggered calcium mobilization from the endoplasmic reticulum, reactive oxygen species generation in the mitochondria and phospholipid redistribution into the plasma membranes of the daughter cells upon proliferation, all of which can be modulated by various chemical, biological and environmental agents.

  • Calcium Mobilization
  • Cell Cycle Analysis
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Cell Lineage Tracing
  • Cell Viability


Cell Structure & Organelle Detection

Enzo Life Sciences offers a wide array of products for researching and analyzing cell structure in both live and fixed platforms.

Our comprehensive panel of fluorescence-based assays, highlighting various structural features of different subcellular organelles, offers the prospect of identifying subtle in vitro responses that could serve as predictive surrogates for in vivo toxicity testing. Cell-based assays that monitor subcellular organelle morphology are increasingly becoming important to secondary screening campaigns because they can often provide higher value information than conventional assays of cell viability and death. These assays enable investigation of organelle structure and function in living cells using a variety of instrumentation platforms including flow cytometers, microplate readers and fluorescence microscopes.


Featured Products

LYSO-ID® Red Cytotoxicity Kit

A rapid, quantitative and HTS-compatible live cell cytotoxicity assay

Monitor Abnormal Lysosome Accumulation Arising from Drug-induced Phospholipidosis.


Pre-mixed organelle-specific dyes for multiplex detection of ER, Golgi, and Nucleus


Oxidative Stress

The energetic status of mitochondria (mitochondrial membrane potential, or MMP) and accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) are frequently assayed as evidence of drug-induced cellular stress. Enzo offers cell based assays for MMP and ROS/Superoxide detection, to support our extensive collection of Oxidative Stress products.


Live Cell, Multiplex Analysis Kits

Total ROS/Superoxide Detection Kit
Accurately Profile Total ROS and Superoxide with Dual-readout Assay

Multiplex Analysis of Total ROS AND Superoxide

CYTO-ID® Hypoxia/Oxidative Stress Detection Kit
A no-transfection quantitative assay for monitoring autophagy in live cells.

Simultaneously Monitor Hypoxic Status and ROS Formation


High-Throughput Assays for Mitochondrial Function

MITO-ID® Extracellular O2 Sensor Kits
This oxygen-sensitive phosphorescent probe can be used to assess O2 consumption by cultured cells, isolated mitochondria, microorganisms, tissues, and enzymes.

Detect Mitochondrial Dysfunction Within Minutes of Treatment

MITO-ID® Extracellular pH Sensor Probe
This pH-sensitive phosphorescent probe can be used to monitor cellular acid extrusion, the result of increased glycolytic flux associated with mitotoxicity.

Efficiently Monitor Glycolytic Activity

MITO-ID® Membrane Potential Cytotoxicity Assay Kit
A real-time mitochondrial membrane potential assay with superior sensitivity

Dual-emission Dye Monitors Energetic Status

CELLESTIAL Assays for Drug Safety & in vitro Toxicology

Avoiding late-stage drug attrition has created pressure to assess drug toxicity and safety at the earliest stages of drug discovery and development.

Enzo’s panel of fluorescence-based live cell assays are designed to assess the impact of toxic agents on overall cell function, with particular emphasis on the plasma membrane, lysosomal, mitochondrial and nuclear compartments. Many of the assays have been optimized for analysis by flow cytometry, while others are geared towards microplate-based cytometry. Early secondary screening of candidate drugs for potentially adverse cell activity in the drug discovery phase could predict later risks in drug development arising from drug safety issues. Such a screening approach can aid in selecting the best candidate compounds for further drug development efforts, as well as provide preliminary benchmarking of dosing limits in preclinical toxicity studies. The highlighted portfolio of assays should provide an early indication of compounds that represent potential hazards towards human health and the environment.


Multidrug Resistance

EFLUXX-ID™ Multidrug Resistance Assay Kits are the only available kits for simultaneous monitoring of all three major ABC transporter proteins — MDR, MRP & BCRP.

Lysosome Perturbations

LYSO-ID® Red Cytotoxicity Assay is the only commercial assay available for long-term monitoring of phospholipidosis and generalized cytotoxicity. HTS compatible with rapid 10-15 minute dye incubation

Aggresome Accumulation

PROTEOSTAT® Aggresome Detection Kit is the only assay that detects aggresomes and aggresome-like inclusion bodies by imaging and flow cytometry.

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