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Custom Probes Request

Visualize the expression and spatial biology of target genes with ease. Enzo can design and manufacture custom RNA probes for practically ANY gene in ANY genome to be used in ANY tissue or cells. Our AMPIVIEW™ RNA probes are uniquely designed with the precision of targeted, sequence specific RNA probes, powered by Enzo’s LoopRNA ISH™ technology to deliver superior sensitivity. When AMPIVIEW™ RNA probes hybridize to nucleic acid targets, loops form exposing biotin or digoxigenin labels, making these probes not only the most sensitive means of detection, but adaptable with existing immunohistochemistry detection solutions and chromogens. In addition, the morphology of the sample is preserved and the signal of the targeted biomarker can be seen under the light microscope. How can we help you design your next probe?

To order or inquire about custom probes, please fill in the form and a product specialist will contact you.

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