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Histone Post-translational Modifications

  • FLUOR DE LYS® HDAC & Sirtuin Assays
  • Transferase & Demethylase Assays

  • Biochemical Modulators
  • Epigenetics Compound Library

Solutions For Screening Epigenetic Regulators

Leading Innovation in Post-Translational Modification Detection

For over a decade, the FLUOR DE LYS® deacetylase assay platform has revolutionized assessment of HDAC & Sirtuin enzyme activity, freeing researchers from cumbersome protocols required with radiolabeled or other modified histone-based methods. Our high-quality assays utilize patented substrate/developer chemistry in combination with high-activity, high-purity enzymes, to deliver more high-quality hits. Broad-class HDAC/Sirtuin screening assays are available in chemiluminescent, fluorescent, and colorimetric formats, and backed by a panel of epigenetic modulators and PTM-specific antibodies.


Active Enzymes & Drug Discovery Assays

FLUOR DE LYS® HDAC & Sirtuin Assays

Convenient Screening Formats from the Pioneer in Non-Radioactive Assays

  • Non-radioactive, homogeneous, HTS compatible formats
  • Green & chemiluminescent assays available to minimize interference
  • Assay all HDAC classes from multiple sources
  • High-activity, in-house manufactured control enzymes
  • Widely cited in peer- reviewed literature

Transferase & Demethylase Assays

Quantify Acetyltransferase & Methyltransferase Activity

Enzo Acetyltransferase and Methyltransferase activity kits are homogeneous mix-and-read fluorescent assays for the determination of any acetyl-CoA dependent acetyltransferase activity or any S-adenosyl-L-methionine dependent methyltransferase activity, respectively. They are high throughput amenable and suitable for end-point or kinetic assay protocols.

Screen LSD1 Inhibitors

LSD 1 was the first enzyme identified to actively demethylate lysine residues, and holds promise as a therapeutic target for a number of cancers. The LSD1 Fluorometric Drug Discovery Kit provides human recombinant LSD1 and all reagents for measuring its activity in a sensitive, real-time fluorescent assay.

Small Molecules & Compound Libraries

Benchmark Against Known Epigenetic Modulators

Our long-standing, flagship Screen-Well® Compound Library portfolio offers an easy, ready-to-use method to streamline compound screening. We offer a unique collection of Epigenetic Pathway targeting compounds, as well as focused libraries for kinase inhibitors, protease inhibitors, and more.


Standalone Biochemicals

Select HDAC/SIRT Regulating Compounds

Epigenetics Compound Library

The SCREEN-WELL® Epigenetics library is a curated set of compounds with defined activity against epigenetic modulating enzymes. It is a convenient tool for use with HDAC & Sirtuin drug discovery kits:

  • Contains 43 compounds with defined activity against lysine-modifying enzymes and DNA methylation inhibitors
  • Available in 100uL and 500uL formats, dissolved in DMSO
  • Includes a variety of structurally and mechanistically different compound classes targeting HDACs, SIRTs, HATs, HMTs, DNAMTs, and Lysine demethylases

High Quality Antibodies for Epigenetics

Detect Epigenetic Post-translational & DNA Modifications

Enzo Life Science offers over 3000 antibodies, including monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for the detection of epigenetic post-translational modifications. Every antibody is backed by our Worry-free Antibody Trial Program, allowing you to evaluate any of our antibodies of interest for your specific application or species without risk.

Featured Literature


Featured Applications

A Flexible and Robust Solution for Automated 384-well HDAC Profiling

This application note demonstrates the high-throughput potential of Enzo
FLUOR DE LYS® Green HDAC Assays for screening epigenetic modulating
compounds, using a 384-well assay format on the BioTek® Synergy™ H4.


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