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Visualize Toxic Events In Vitro

Autophagy is a highly regulated process that supports both cell survival and cell death. Autophagy and autophagy-dependent cell death often occurs in tandem with organelle-specific impairments, such as mitochondrial dysfunction or endoplasmic reticulum stress, and leads to activation of select autophagic pathways.

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Solutions for Autophagy

Calcein AM (ultra pure) 

Calcium dye
148504-34-1, ≥95% (HPLC) | Print as PDF
ENZ-52002 1 mg 171.00 USD
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CYTO-ID® Autophagy detection kit 2.0 

A brighter and more photostable, no-transfection, quantitative assay for monitoring autophagy in live  cells
Flow Cytometry, Fluorescence microscopy, Fluorescent detection, HTS | Print as PDF
ENZ-KIT175-0050 50 tests 277.00 USD
ENZ-KIT175-0200 200 tests 586.00 USD
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p62 ELISA kit 

Highly validated, quantitative p62 ELISA kit available for autophagy research.
ELISA, Colorimetric detection | Print as PDF
ADI-900-212-0001 96 wells 677.00 USD
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PROTEOSTAT® Aggresome detection kit  

Robust, quantitative detection of aggresomes relevant to the study of neurodegenerative disease, liver disease and  toxicology
Flow Cytometry, Fluorescence microscopy, Fluorescent detection | Print as PDF
ENZ-51035-0025 25 tests 138.00 USD
ENZ-51035-K100 100 tests 398.00 USD
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