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our Antibodies

High Quality Antibodies Delivering Superior Results


Enzo Life Sciences offers thousands of antibodies against peptides, whole or partial proteins, and modified peptides or proteins. Backed by thousands of peer-reviewed citations, our Worry-free Antibody Trial Program, and expert technical support, you can count on Enzo antibodies to deliver reliable, consistent, accurate data.

  • Rigorously validated for WB, IP, ELISA, IHC, ICC, IF, and flow cytometry
  • Superb performance documented in thousands of peer-reviewed publications
  • Expanded utility provided by common fluorophore and enzyme conjugates
  • Convenient secondary antibodies and positive control lysates and proteins
  • Bulk production and custom conjugation/formulation services to meet your needs

Antibody Search Tool

Primary Antibody Search Tool

Recombinant Antibodies

Enzo Life Sciences offers animal-free recombinant antibodies with high specificity and reliability for a wide range of applications.
Recombinant Antibodies

Secondary Antibodies

Enzo Life Sciences offers secondary antibodies from a variety of species featuring conjugates appropriate for ELISA, WB, IHC, ICC, and FC.
Secondary Antibody Search Engine


Worry-Free Antibody Trial Program

Are you ready to be Worry-free?

Our Worry-free Antibody Trial Program allows you to evaluate any of our antibodies of interest for any new application or species not currently listed on our datasheet without risk.


Areas of Interest


Browse our complete range of IHC products, including convenient tools for single color and Multiplex Immunohistochemistry as well as over 1000 IHC validated antibodies.

Stem Cells

Identify Stem Cell Populations with Markers of Differentiation.


Large selection of purified proteins and highly validated antibodies against peptides, whole or partial proteins, and modified peptides or proteins.


Epigenetics & DNA Regulation

Versatile antibodies for epigenetic modifications and gene expression.

Heat Shock Proteins & Chaperones

The definitive collection of Stressgen® antibodies for heat shock proteins and molecular chaperones.

Signal Transduction

High-specificity, consistent antibodies for critical signaling pathways.



An essential toolbox of novel antibodies for key diabetes and obesity related pathways.

Oxidative Stress

Reliable detection of key oxidative stress-regulating enzymes.


Ubiquitin & Proteasome

Specific ubiquitin- and proteasome-reactive antibodies for analysis of protein modification.

Wnt Pathway

Worry-free antibodies for the detection of critical Wnt pathway proteins.


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