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Protein Aggregation, Autophagy, and Cytotoxicity

Although the mechanism may vary from one class of neurodegenerative disease to another, the principle pathology of AD, PD, HD, and ALS are similar: the cell’s defense mechanisms against protein aggregation (i.e., molecular chaperones, protein degradation & recycling pathways) become overwhelmed, leading to structural defects, apoptosis, and ensuing cognitive defects associated with loss or impairment of neural cell function.


Protein Folding & Aggregation

A no-transfection quantitative assay for measuring autophagy in live cells.

Quantify Aggresomes and Inclusion Bodies by Flow Cytometry

The definitive collection of Stressgen® ELISA Kits and reagents for molecular chaperones & oxidative stress.

DNA Damage (8-OHdG)
HSP70 & HSC70
Heme Oxygenase
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)


Aggregate Clearance & Survival

Molecular-rotor dye yields robust, quantitative detection of aggregated protein.

Profile Autophagy Without Transfection

p62 & NBR1 ELISA Kits

Sensitive & specific detection of key Autophagosomal scaffold proteins

Autophagy Compound Library

97 ready to screen compounds with defined autophagy-inducing or –inhibiting activity

LYSO-ID® Red & Green Detection Kits

Highly photostable dyes to specifically monitor the lysosomal degradation pathway.

Ubiquitin & Proteasome

Extensive portfolio of ubiquitin ligases, ubiquitinated substrates, and antibodies for detection of mono- and poly-ubiquitination, proteasome inhibitors, and more.


A real-time mitochondrial membrane potential assay with superior sensitivity.

Detect Mitochondrial Toxicity With 10X More Sensitivity Than JC-1

Apoptosis/Necrosis Detection Kit

Multiplex analysis of apoptotic and necrotic cells, compatible with GFP expressing cell lines and other green fluorescent probes.

Apoptosis ELISA Kits

Bax, p53/MDM2, Bcl-2, Survivin, Cytochrome C, XIAP

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