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ProteoStat® Assays Accelerate Bioprocess Optimization

Enzo Life Sciences continues to expand its unique offering of ProteoStat® protein refolding, stability and aggregation detection products for characterization, formulation and process development of protein therapeutics. ProteoStat® products are designed to facilitate cost efficient production of therapeutic antibodies and recombinant proteins, helping developers achieve maximum purity, activity, and yield.

ProteoStat® products rely on a proprietary dye technology that fluoresces when it binds to protein aggregates. In solution, when its rotation is not constrained, the excited molecular rotor dye is basically non-fluorescent. When the dye locks into the quaternary structure of protein aggregates, it becomes highly fluorescent, similar to ethidium bromide fluorescence upon intercalation into the three-dimensional structure of DNA.

New to the portfolio of ProteoStat® assays is the Protein Refolding and Aggregation Sensing kit. The assay uses a Design of Experiments matrix to identify optimal protein refolding conditions within common buffer formulations and additives. When paired with a screen for protein function, the fluorescent aggregation readout quickly identifies formulations that avoid aggregation, while maximizing recovery of functional protein.

Rapidly Quantify Protein Oligomers and Subvisible Particles


Following identification and development, subsequent process and product stability monitoring is required prior to final formulation into a pharmaceutically active product. The ProteoStat® Thermal Shift Stability kit determines the stability of a protein with a simple, sensitive, homogenous fluorescence assay to perform accelerated analysis of parameters impacting monoclonal antibody and recombinant protein stability, including pH, ionic strength, cryoprotectants, and excipients.

The ProteoStat® Protein Aggregation Detection kit quantifies aggregates arising during protein development, formulation, manufacturing, shipping and storage, when proteins are exposed to different environments including pH, temperature, light, oxygen, mechanical stress and freeze/thaw cycles. The recently developed ProteoStat® Protein Aggregation Standards, designed for use with the protein aggregation kit, are the only commercially available protein aggregation standards with stabilized, high-quality reference IgG in known concentrations.

Like many other Enzo Life Sciences bioprocess products, ProteoStat® products are supplied in easy-to-use, complete kit formats.

For more information on, or to order ProteoStat® or other Enzo Life Sciences products, please visit us at or call us at 1-800-942-0430.

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