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United States 

Screening Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) on IQUE® Screener

IntelliCyt Corporation, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Enzo Life Sciences, Farmingdale, New York, USA

Featured Product: ROS-ID® Total ROS/Superoxide detection kit

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The iQue® Screener was used to simultaneously detect levels of ROS and superoxide in multiple cell lines.
  • Both total ROS (non-superoxide) and superoxide were detected simultaneously.
  • Two related endpoints were easily discriminated by proper indicator selections and confirmed by differential inhibition.
  • Easy to use ForeCyt provides a friendly screening-centric interface to create assay protocols and analyze results.


Reactive oxygen species (ROS) is a group of highly unstable molecules including H2O2, NO, and O2- that are generated in situ from various stressors. At least one ROS molecule (NO) acts as signaling molecule, migrating across proximal cell membranes to activate guanylyl cyclase and cause smooth muscle relaxation. At higher concentrations ROS cause oxidative stress and are destructive to lipids, DNA and proteins. Excessive amounts have been linked with numerous diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and hearing loss. General aging effects are also implanted to be the result of ROS. There are many control mechanisms in play to limit the damage ROS would otherwise cause, including enzymes and vitamins. Early, rapid and easy identification of compounds that cause increases in ROS would be a valuable component to a drug discovery and development program.

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