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Automation of the Enzo APP ∆C31 ELISA kit

Bettina Plommer1, Erica Brooks2, Miriam Cortes-Caminero3
1 Berthold Detection System GmbH (Titertek-Berthold), Pforzheim, Germany
2 Enzo Life Sciences, Ann Arbor, USA
3 Enzo Life Sciences, Farmingdale, USA

Featured Product: APP ΔC31 ELISA kit

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Unlike the β-amyloid and tau fibril formation pathways leading to amyloid plaques and tangles, APP ΔC31 reveals an alternative, unique pro-apoptotic mechanism leading to Alzheimer’s disease. APP ΔC31 is the stable amyloid precursor protein fragment created from a caspase cleavage event of the APP695 molecule at Asp664 leaving a smaller 31-residue intracellular fragment. Both the APP ΔC31 and 31-residue fragments are pro-apoptotic and are present in 4-fold greater levels in Alzheimer’s disease patients. Given that the smaller 31-residue fragment has a short half-life and is difficult to measure, the use of this APP ΔC31 ELISA provides for the first time a sensitive research tool to measure the levels of the APP caspase cleavage from tissue, biological fluids and cells.
The APP ΔC31 ELISA kit is a complete, colorimetric, immunometric immunoassay kit for the quantitative determination of human APP ΔC31 in cell lysate, serum, plasma and cerebral spinal fluid samples with results in just 2 hours.

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