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Big Endothelin-1 ELISA kit

Sensitive Big ET-1 ELISA kit enabling detection of Big-ET in serum and plasma in just 4.5 hours.
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The Big Endothelin-1 ELISA kit is a colorimetric immunometric enzyme immunoassay kit with results in 4.5 hours.

Product Details

Alternative Name:Big ET-1
Sensitivity:0.02 pmol/l (0-3 pmol/l)
Assay Time:4.5 hours
Applications:ELISA, Colorimetric detection
Application Notes:For the quantitative determination of human Big ET-1 in serum and plasma.
Wavelength:450 nm
Species reactivity:Human
Use/Stability:All reagents of the kit are stable at 4°C (2-8°C) until the expiry date.
Shipping:Blue Ice
Long Term Storage:+4°C
Scientific Background:Endothelins (ET) are isopeptides produced by vascular endothelium that have potent vasoconstrictive activity. The peptides are encoded by three separate genes and processed to yield 39-residue "Big ET" molecules which are further processed to the 21 amino acid sequences designated ET-1, ET-2 and ET-3. ET action is mediated via binding to two receptors, ETA and ETB. Activation of ETA increases vasoconstriction and sodium retention, thereby increasing blood pressure. Activation of ETB receptors triggers the release of vasorelaxive factors such as nitric oxide (NO) and prostanoids from endothelial cells and increases urine production and elimination, thereby lowering blood pressure.
UniProt ID:P05305
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
Compatibility:This product is compatible with the Absorbance 96 Plate Reader.

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