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AMPINEXT™ ChIP-Seq High-Sensitivity Kit (Illumina)

A complete set of reagents required for carrying out a successful ChIP-Seq starting from mammalian cells or tissues.
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  • Optimized buffers and protocol allow minimal ChIP background.
  • Increased antibody selectivity and capture efficiency. 
  • Highly efficient enrichment of targeted DNA. Enrichment ratio of positive to negative control > 500.
  • High sensitivity and flexibility: Use for both non-barcoded (singleplexed) and barcoded (multiplexed) DNA library preparation
  • Fast and streamlined procedure: the procedure from cell/tissues to library DNA is less than 7 hours.
  • Highly convenient: the kit contains all required components for each step of ChIP-Seq.
  • Minimized bias: Ultra HiFi amplification and optional PCR-free step.
The AMPINEXT™ ChIP-Seq High-Sensitivity Kit (Illumina) is a complete set of reagents required for carrying out a successful ChIP-Seq starting from mammalian cells or tissues. The kit is designed to selectively enrich a chromatin fraction containing specific DNA sequences from various species, particularly mammals, and to prepare a ChIP-Seq library for next generation sequencing using Illumina platforms such as Illumina Genome Analyzer II, HiSeq and MiSeq systems. The optimized protocol and components of the kit allow capture of low abundance protein/DNA complexes with minimized non-specific background levels and the ability to construct both non-barcoded (singleplexed) and barcoded (multiplexed) ChIP-Seq libraries quickly with reduced bias.
AMPINEXT ChIP-Seq High-Sensitivity Kit (Illumina) Schematic
Figure 1. Schematic Procedure for using the AMPINEXT ChIP-Seq High-Sensitivity Kit (Illumina)
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AMPINEXT ChIP-Seq High-Sensitivity Kit (Illumina) Schematic

Product Details

Assay Time:<7 hours
Application Notes:A complete set of reagents required for carrying out a successful ChIP-Seq starting from mammalian cells or tissues
Use/Stability:Upon receipt: Store the following components at -20°C immediately: Enrichment Enhancer, RNase A, 10X End Polishing Buffer, End Polishing Enzyme Mix, End Polishing Enhancer, 2X Ligation Buffer, T4 DNA Ligase, Adaptors, 2X HiFi PCR Master Mix, Primer U, Primer I, and Elution Buffer. Store the following components at 4°C: WB, AB, CB, BS, Protease Inhibitor Cocktail, Non-Immune IgG, Anti-RNA Polymerase II, Proteinase K, GAPDH Primer - Forward, GADPH Primer - Reverse, and 8-Well Assay Strips (With 1 Frame) and MQ Binding Beads. Store all other components at room temperature. ‚Äč
Shipping:Shipped on Blue Ice
Contents:For ChIP Reaction
WB (Wash Buffer )
AB (Antibody Buffer)
LB (Lysis Buffer)
CB (ChIP Buffer)
DRB (DNA Release Buffer)
DBS (DNA Binding Solution)
BS (Blocker Solution)
DEB (DNA Elution Buffer)
Enrichment Enhancer
Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (PIC)
Non-Immune IgG (1 mg/ml)
Anti-RNA Polymerase II (1 mg/ml)
Proteinase K (10 mg/ml)
RNase A (10 mg/ml)
GAPDH Primer - Forward (20 µM)
GAPDH Primer - Reverse (20 µM)
8-Well Assay Strips (With 1 Frame)
8-Well Strip Caps
Adhesive Covering Film Strip
F-Spin Column
F-Collection Tube

For Library Preparation
10X End Polishing Buffer
End Polishing Enzyme Mix
End Polishing Enhancer
2X Ligation Buffer
T4 DNA Ligase
Adaptors (50 µM)
MQ Binding Beads
2X HiFi PCR Master Mix
Primer U (10 µM)
Primer I (10 µM)
Elution Buffer
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

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